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PR Powered by Digital Marketing

As we stand at the brink of a new year, I can’t help but marvel at the incredible evolution we’ve undergone since our humble beginnings in 2001. What started as a Toronto-based PR agency has blossomed into a full-fledged digital marketing force, serving clients across North America. Our journey has been nothing short of a […]

Integrate Your Work And Life Priorities To Find Happy Harmony – Forbes

Being a business owner has a lot of wonderful benefits: freedom to carve your own path, autonomy and often rich financial rewards. Business ownership is exciting and rewarding and can also be 24/7 while not even feeling like work—to you. With all the benefits come many challenges. Enter the employee—the essential and all-important factor in […]

Maximize Unexpected Relationships To Create Magic In Your Business – Forbes

In our business, we make it a daily habit to focus on seeing our clients bigger. This essentially means bringing new ideas and value to the table beyond the usual scope of what clients might be expecting. I believe it is important to be true partners, to dig in and understand what their challenges are […]

How To Stay Organized During Busy Season

It’s mid-January and you are already swamped with work, trying to play catch up after being a little slow to start at the beginning of the year. Maybe you were incredibly busy at the end of 2019 and thought, oh surely things will ease up in the new year! Yet here we all are… busier than […]

15 Simple Ways to Grow Your Business

I started Faulhaber Communications on my laptop in my kitchen 19 years ago. It grew mostly from referrals and industry connections, but decisions made in those early days played a pivotal role in getting FAULHABER to where it is today. I started in retail myself, so I can appreciate inherent difficulties in establishing and growing a […]

Common Business Transformation Challenges Managers Face

Most industries are undergoing major transformation and organizations need to change in order to compete. Transformation is rarely easy, and the bigger the change the more difficult it can be. The following are common business transformation challenges managers face and ways to help make the change more smoothly. 1. Staff Resistance This is likely the […]

How Your Business Could Benefit from Live Chat and Customer Reviews

Tools such as live chat and customer reviews are reinventing the relationship between brands, retailers, and consumers and re-shaping the shopping landscape. They offer information at the moment the customer wants it. As a business, perhaps it’s time to consider adding reviews and live chat as part of your business strategy.  Take a look at […]

How To Not Let Failure Get In The Way Of Your Success

Failure is a part of life, but for many people, especially women, failure is simply not an option. This is premise of a fantastic book called, “Brave, Not Perfect: Fear Less, Fail More, and Live Bolder,” by Reshma Saujani. Saujani argues that girls are taught to play it safe, be perfect, and never fail.  In […]

5 Tips To Keeping Your Pitch Clear And Concise

Bad pitching is a thing. Unfortunately, much-too-much of a thing. The result: it makes PR professionals look stupid all the time. The best pitches are well written, well suited to the reader, and to the point. To help make your pitch cut through all the clutter, follow these five tips. They are well researched and […]

Why Brand Purpose Matters For Businesses

In an era of polarizing politics and hyper-sensitivity, many believe brands should stick to what they are good at – creating and selling product. This false understanding of powerful branding completely neglects the consumer’s ability to choose the brands they feel personally connected to. Having purpose is fundamental for brands as it allows consumers to […]