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How to Get the Job – Part 3: Everything in Between

We’re in the last part of our “how to get the job” series, and this post will cover all the moments in between the resume and the interview – and the ones after that! The small things can be just as important as the big moments, and can leave a lasting impression. The PR industry […]

How To Get The Job – Part 2: The Interview

For the second instalment of our three part “how to get the job” series, we’re covering nailing the interview. We recently hired seven new team members, and there were a LOT of interviews. Something I noticed is that a lot of the basics have fallen through the cracks. I’ve interviewed candidates at all levels, and […]

Be Courageous in Your Career

I was recently chosen as a finalist for Businesswoman of the Year at the Women Empowerment Awards. What a wonderful platform this is to celebrate female leadership. It was a special opportunity to come together as nominees, at the Shangri-La in Toronto, to not only be around a large group of dynamic women, but also to […]

5 Tips to Prepare for Your Virtual Media Interview

We all know it takes work to secure a virtual media interview. It takes credibility and reputation to get a journalist to select you as a source. Yet, scheduling a call with a reporter is merely the first step to nailing positive coverage. Here are 5 tips that will guide you through the virtual interview […]

How To Get The Job – Part 1: The Resume

We know how hard it can be applying for jobs – we have all been there! Does anyone actually enjoy it?! Whatever stage of your career you’re in, it can be overwhelming, but it is especially daunting when you’re just starting out. This three-part blog series will include tips and tricks to put your best […]

How To Turn Your Internship Into A Full-Time Job

Internships are great ways to not only boost your resume but they also give you hands-on experience to determine the right next step for your career. If you’re lucky enough to nail your dream internship and want to turn it into a full-time position then here are a few steps on how to achieve that […]

How To Think Like An Entrepreneur, Even When You Aren’t The Boss

Eager to get ahead or make a good impression? Check out these 5 tips to think like an entrepreneur even if you’re not at the head of the table (yet!). Define your values: Think of it this way—if we can’t define what guides our decision making, nobody will. Another added benefit: when you have a […]

How To Nail Your (PR) Interview

The world in 2019 is a tough place. Every industry is competitive. Companies want more from employees for less and yet, while these facts are known, not enough people come prepared to fully nail an interview. To truly wow a future PR agency employer, I suggest the following. Do your homework. Look at the website, […]

Christine Faulhaber on how to #worksmart

Known as the sourcebook for fashion and lifestyle communicators, this month our very own CEO, Christine Faulhaber, was featured on PR Couture. Read her full interview on how she found her success, balances her career, and how she encourages her workplace mantra: #worksmart.  

5 Ways to Network Like a Professional

With networking events and summer patio parties on the horizon, we all need a little refresher on effective ways to insert and assert ourselves into group conversations. These five tips are sure to help you create valuable connections at your next networking event.   1. Ask open-ended questions   You don’t need a funny story, anecdote […]