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The Rise of Micro-Influencers: Is Smaller Better?

In the dynamic landscape of influencer marketing, a new breed of social media personalities has emerged, captivating audiences and brands alike. These are the micro-influencers, individuals with follower counts ranging from 10,000 to 100,000. Micro-influencers, by definition, may have a smaller audience compared to macro-influencers or celebrities, but their impact is far from insignificant. With […]

Maximizing Influencer Partnerships: Faulhaber Agency’s Guide to Elevate Your Brand Impact

In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, influencer collaborations have emerged as a vital avenue for brands to authentically connect with their target audiences. At Faulhaber, we understand that the success of these partnerships extends beyond mere selection; it requires a strategic dance through the nuances of these relationships. Read ahead to unravel the key […]

How PR Agencies and Influencer Agencies Can Work Better Together

According to, a healthy relationship involves “honesty, trust, respect and open communication between partners and they take effort and compromise from both people.” Albeit this definition more than likely makes us think of friendships or something romantic, in the world of public relations, the approach to developing a healthy and productive relationship with influencer agencies […]

How to Reach Out to a PR Agency as an Influencer

There’s no doubt that working with influencers is an essential part of public relations. We value the relationships influencers have with their audiences and the authenticity they bring to content and promoting brands. As a lifestyle PR professional, I’m in contact with influencers that want to work with my brands on a daily basis. Some […]

Nos 5 Influenceurs Québécois Favoris du Moment

Étant une agence de relations publiques et de contenu digitale, nous travaillons donc quotidiennement avec les influenceurs d’ici pour mettre de l’avant non seulement le travail de nos clients, mais aussi celui de ces créateurs de contenu. Cela étant dit, il est donc impératif que nous restions à l’affût de ces personnes. Il nous fait […]

How to Create Effective Video Content With Influencers

Working with influencers is one of the most effective ways for brands to connect with consumers and create strong brand advocates. Now, more than ever, brands are opting to work with influencers to create content rather than going the traditional route of advertisements or working with celebrities. And while influencers have been around since the […]

My Best Advice: Influencer Marketing

Whether you’re starting your career or have been in the industry for over a decade like I have, the world of influencers is constantly evolving and there is always something to learn. Over the years, here are the top tips I have learned to make the most out of influencer partnerships. Longer partnerships are more […]

Celebrities vs. Influencers

At first glance, the attention that social media influencers and celebrities carry look surprisingly similar. For years, brands shelled out enormous amounts of money in lucrative celebrity endorsement deals just to attach their name to big-name actors, athletes and musicians. The brand-celebrity relationship was nearly impossible to measure until recently and brands have responded by […]

5 Reasons You Should be Working with Micro Influencers

Nano, Micro, Macro, Mega – with so many different categories of social media influencers emerging as the landscape continues to evolve and grow, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to navigate which type of influencer is the right fit for your brand’s digital marketing strategy. With celebrity influence on the decline, Micro-Influencers have quickly come to the […]

3 Key Metrics to Measure in Influencer Marketing

Although 2020 is the year of uncertainty and significant changes, Influencer Marketing is still proving to be a dominant player in the paid social realm. Data provided by Influencer Marketing Hub indicates that the Influencer Marketing industry is projected to grow $9.7B within 2020. So, although the tactical complexities of campaigns are evolving, leveraging influencer partnerships is […]