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Lights, Camera, Adventure: The Impact of Film on Travel and Tourism

In a world where wanderlust meets cinematic magic, the marriage between travel and film has never been more relevant, especially for a top PR agency in Canada like Faulhaber. As the silver screen continues to transport audiences to breathtaking destinations, the question arises: Is film the ultimate boost for tourism? With product placement taking a […]

A Guide to Optimizing Instagram Reels: 5 Video Content Tips to Succeed

We all know about Instagram Reels, but how well do we know how to use them? With the rise of video content on social media platforms, it is no surprise that Instagram is pushing out Reels. While Reels have been around since 2020, Instagram recently announced that they were making changes to the algorithm, changes […]

FFinds: Les Coups de Coeur de L’équipe Québec

Si vous êtes comme nous, vous êtes probablement à la recherche de vos nouveaux incontournables pour la l’automne qui arrive à grand pas. Afin de vous aider dans votre recherche, notre fabuleuse équipe québécoise a dressé avec soin une liste de leurs favoris du moments 100% québécois parfaits pour cette saison de transition! Ces sélections […]

Le Guide Ultime de Montréal: Mode, Restaurants & Activités

En tant qu’employée de l’équipe Faulhaber au Québec, et une fière résidente de Montréal, il me fait toujours plus que plaisir d’en partager plus sur ma ville natale.    Je suis d’avis (biaisée, je le reconnais) que Montréal est véritablement l’un des meilleurs endroits au monde. Je suis d’ailleurs plus que fière et heureuse de pouvoir […]

Pop Culture Brand Collisions

I know I’m not the only one who has bought something because of a clever marketing campaign. Whether it is a new gadget, outfit or something more, brands have a way of grabbing our attention by capitalizing on what the world is already talking about – and it works. Here are three recent examples of […]

5 Ways to Stand out During Your PR Internship

Making a positive impact on your team is extremely important, especially if this is your first time working in a professional environment. Typically, an internship is your first stepping stone into your career, so it’s important to put your best foot forward. Showing off your best professional self is so critical, especially in a competitive […]

Working with Public Relations Firms: How to Boost the Growth of Franchise Leads

When it comes to growing a franchise, generating leads is both the most important and most challenging role. In today’s economy, the franchise business model is an attractive one, leading to increased brand awareness and overall growth. Though in order to achieve success and grow those franchise leads, a full fledged public relations strategy is […]

How to Involve Celebrities and Influencers in Your Brand in 3 Meaningful Ways

As most of us know by now, influencers and celebrities are the new way for brands to leverage their advertising and marketing. At this point, there’s no denying the massive impact and leverage that influencers and celebrities can have on your brand. They have created major waves in the industry and caused brands to shift […]

Spot the Difference: How to Achieve PR Wins Through Campaigns and PR Plans

New to the PR field? As PR pros, we’ve got you covered with learning the basics. Similar yet different, both a campaign and plan produce identical end goal: WINS. A PR campaign is a strategic way of marketing your brand to a wider target audience. There are various types of marketing, but the rising leader […]

Rainbow Washing: the Do’s and Don’ts of Brands Celebrating Pride

June 1st marks the start of Pride month across North America. In a gesture of support and allyship to queer consumers and employees alike, June 1st is also the day many major brands turn their social media icons rainbow.  Brands showcasing support for the LGBTQ2S+ community and sharing diverse stories should be a no-brainer. According […]