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The Inevitable Marriage of Public Relations and Content Marketing

Some matches just make sense. When the connection is strong, it’s bound to work out. The happy marriage between public relations and content marketing is right around the corner. You could even call them a power couple. Still, every couple has its differences. Content marketing creates an audience while public relations target audiences that already […]

A PR Agency’s 7 Steps to a Successful Product Launch in 2022

In a world where new products are being launched left and right, it’s important to stand out, ensure you’re creating a launch strategy that aligns with your product, target the right audience and continue to look for areas of growth. With over 20 years of experience in fashion, beauty, retail, cannabis and other sectors, FAULHABER […]

What Public Relations Metrics To Focus On

The days of questioning Public Relations’ (PR) return on investment (ROI) have been long gone thanks to new advancements in media monitoring and reporting. In addition, the evolution of PR tactics, predominately in the digital and influencer spaces, has also fostered new definitions of what PR is and how it can be measured. There are […]

How to Work With the Media: Preparation Tips

Scored that interview on TV? Got an upcoming call with a reporter? Need media coverage ASAP? Working with the media can be tricky when you’re unfamiliar with their process. It doesn’t take an expert to work well with the media. In fact, working in PR means you have a lot of common ground with reporters. […]

The Top Tourism Trends Set to Take Off in 2022

The Top Tourism Trends Taking Flight in 2022 Much like all of us, the tourism industry has been through a rollercoaster of moments for almost the last two years.  When COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic and the world essentially shut down normal activity in March of 2020, the tourism industry came to a halt. […]

PR Trends to Integrate into your Marketing Plans for 2022

The PR industry continues to be disrupted. Digital transformations like the rise of new social platforms and the ever-evolving way we use them, the increased adoption of AI and VR, a cookie-less world, and how this impacts current digital marketing tactics and the data-driven demand for new modes of measurements are driving PR into new […]

Five Tips for A Successful PR Campaign

When developing a PR Campaign, your team must consider that the success it brings represents the company. Every project, plan or proposition in your campaign reflects your company’s potential and should build an exceptional profile to impress clients. Nowadays, the PR industry is a thriving and profitable sector of strategic communications that demands pushing the […]

Why PR is Essential for Emerging Industries

In today’s evolving landscape, new industries are always emerging. These innovations have something in common, whether it’s artificial intelligence or cryptocurrency: they all need PR. And they need it now. The biggest struggle new innovations face is getting the right message across to the right audience in a timely manner. What good is a new […]

How to Host an Event During a Pandemic

We’re (hopefully) coming out the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic and are all looking for ways to reconnect in person with our network.  While the physical retail landscape has pivoted to create immersive web-store formats and evolved to meet consumer’s home-based lifestyles and the increase of online shopping – screen fatigue is real.  With […]

7 Books Every PR Professional Should Read

Whether you are thinking of starting a career in Public Relations, or a professional looking to sharpen your skills, our #FAULHABERFAMILY has created a list of seven books every PR professional should read. How to Win Friends and Influence People By: Dale Carnegie Relationships are a huge aspect of the communications industry or any industry […]