10 (More) Seconds With Claire de Sévigné

Claire de Sévigné is one of CBC’s Top 30 Canadian Classical Musicians under 30, was nominated for a 2016 Classical Album of the Year JUNO award and is a graduate of the Canadian Opera Company’s Ensemble Studio. But, where did her love for opera begin?

In this candid 10 Seconds With… Claire shares the unusual inspiration that led her down the path of being one of Canada’s finest coloraturas.

Like Claire, every opera singer has a path to their success and you could be apart of it. On November 1, the Canadian Opera Company is hosting its annual Ensemble Studio Competition. The event is both the sole fundraiser for the program and a performance that brings together young Canadian talent from around the country to compete for a chance to win an exclusive spot in the COC’s Ensemble Studio program.

Don’t miss your chance to see first-hand what may be the beginning of a singer’s operatic career!

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