The world is about to reopen. As vaccine supplies continue to ramp up in Canada, we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Never have we spent more time glued to our laptops for meetings, happy hours, work from home, homeschooling, and of course, the never-ending scrolling on social media. I for one hope this is the last time I must write these words, and our days of virtual everything becomes a thing of the past.

When each day is the same as the one before, with so many NO YOU CANT’S in our face, it has been difficult to find things that excite us. The feeling of demotivation coupled with levels of stress and anxiety has translated into all aspects of our lives. A routine has been set – and not in a good way. For the past 15 months, we have cornered ourselves into a comfort zone that has restricted us from seeing the excitement, beauty, and fascination in the world.

The reality is, we don’t know (or don’t remember) what we’re missing. 

In our own time, of course, planning to revisit the wonders of the world in person will be critical to our creative process and in moving the economy, and ourselves ahead. Through reflecting on this past year, I have made a note to myself to step out of my comfort zone and get myself excited for what is to come. There are 3 key learnings that I want to incorporate into my everyday life as the world begins to open, to hold myself accountable for getting out of my virtual comfort zone.


Gardens and parks have given us lots of green to be grounded to, but Art Galleries, cultural events, and Museums will be the places where you fill your creative soul. Finding pieces you love or hate is important to generating new ideas. Better than a virtual brainstorm, go see an opening with some team members or old friends and discuss what you see. You will be stimulated by the process and the conversation that ensues. 


Enough of the safe (under the veil of a screen you could turn off) engagements. Make plans to put yourself out there in a real way this fall. Take your competitor on a walkabout to compare notes. Meet a new vendor or potential client and hear about their plans. Sit at the bar with your mentor and laugh with someone smarter than you. Plan a party and have it be ok if it rains. We need to get back in the game.


We did it all. Online yogi. Check. Digital tonight making. Yup. Virtual coffee networking. Uh-huh. Sent custom goodie baskets. Yeah, team!  We may have even dropped by awkwardly with balloons or waved from across the park to celebrate a milestone. What’s next is a real eye-to-eye chat. A real pat on the back. A shared moment of ideating, pain, frustration, and, dare I say it, love will go a long way to rebuild your wounded team spirit. We’re humans after all. 

In celebration of our 20th year, when it is safe to do so, our team will be coming together for a photo shoot to commemorate Faulhaber’s anniversary and to acknowledge the past year and a half of obstacles we overcame together. 

It is finally time to feel truly excited again, together. That is what we do, who we are and why we are here. I have already booked a few of these events and I cannot wait!

The virtual world is a place of endless possibilities that leads us to discovery, challenges, and opportunities. As the world begins to slowly reopen, it is important to explore the world again – IRL – and see the beauty and fascination that social interaction has to offer us.

We hope to see you soon in our fabulous FSHOPPE!