5 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Although January has come and gone, it is important to stay in a new-year new-you mindset and continue to declutter your life! One thing we have noticed is the negative and positive effects social media can have and why it’s important to follow accounts that bring you joy. With over one billion active Instagram users, it can be tricky to find the right accounts to follow. At FAULHABER we have compiled a list of five types of Instagram accounts everyone should follow to keep you motivated, current, and most importantly – happy.



What makes social media incredible is the fact it is instant. This means we can hear about what happens in other parts of the world right away. Instagram is a great way to keep up to date on what is going on in the world. At FAULHABER we love hard-hitting news accounts such as @CNN, or industry-related news such as the popular beauty account @trendmood1, which is usually the first outlet to announce new makeup and skincare launches.



Instagram is a social platform after all, so everyone should follow an account you can interact with and share hilarious posts with your family and friends. This doesn’t mean you have to follow every meme account on Instagram, you can also turn to influencers you find funny, or brands that make you L-O-L! Some of our favourites are the always hilarious Canadian, ex-Bachelorette @kaitlynbristowe, and the comedic gold that is @funnymemes.



People grab inspiration from countless aspects of life and Instagram is no exception! Find an Instagram account that inspires you. Whether this means an aesthetically pleasing feed or a feed full of inspirational quotes, 2020 is all about living your best life. Here at FAULHABER we love grabbing everyday fashion inspiration from feeds like @unclexstudios.



Working in a demanding industry can be difficult, so it’s vital to find the motivation to keep you going. Instagram can be a great way to connect with likeminded people. This can mean following a fellow female entrepreneur to help you set your ambitions. We love to keep up with the ultimate self-love girl boss, @thebirdspapaya, and grab motivation from @girlsbuildingempires.



Instagram is a great way for brands to connect to their audiences. We urge you to follow brands you love to get updates on new launches and promotions. Not only this, but you can see deeper into a company’s values and become a part of its online community. Instagram accounts we love to keep up with here at FAULHABER are @ctilburymakeup and @bedbathandbeyondca.


Amanda Mallat

Account Coordinator