5 PR Trends To Watch For In 2020

With the arrival of 2020, it is time to look to the future and forecast any trends to help you stay ahead of the curve this year. Over the past year, we have noticed certain aspects of the industry that we predict will come into full bloom in the new year. Here are five PR trends to watch for in 2020.



With the rise of global warming and drastic changes to our climate, people around the world are more cautious about producing waste than ever before. It goes without saying that influencers and media receive a lot of packages, and this past year many of them have called attention to the amount of waste they are left with after opening lavish PR boxes. Many even publically asking those companies to make a change. Sustainable packaging, such as dissolvable packing peanuts and recyclable materials, are already being used by many brands but we predict more jumping on the opportunity to be sustainable in the new year!

For seven tips on how to “green” your shipping strategy check out this helpful article by Entrepreneur: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/224626



People nowadays care more about having experiences rather than receiving tangible gifts. This could mean going on a trip or checking out a cool new bar that also moonlights as a retro video game lounge. Instead of simply gifting your client’s products to media and influencers, create a unique brand experience or a memorable event to get your product into the right hands.



With every year that passes, technology becomes more and more prominent in our everyday lives, and the human experience has taken the back seat. This is exactly why PR pros need to keep tapping into to stay relevant. Nothing is more meaningful than something people can relate to, so adding an emotional focus to your campaign will make consumers begin to see your client’s brand in a new light.



There are thousands of media outlets out there and whether it’s the traditional media or social media, the audience is becoming less trusting every day. In 2020 people will start to focus on smaller, niche media outlets and micro-influencers. Those with a smaller more relatable following and those that don’t bombard the viewer with advertisements. Additionally, these outlets and individuals tend to focus on one aspect of their respective industries, which allows you to target your client’s key demographic easily.



With the rise of the digital age, it is important to stay on top of the new technological advancements and include these elements into your work whenever you can. No matter what industry you are in, embracing the new wave (interactive content, designing for the vertical screen, new applications) can benefit your client’s brand when used in the right way. In 2020, expect to see more virtual reality, shoppable posts, and video content.


Amanda Mallat

Account Coordinator