5 Success Tools Managers Need in 2022

If this past year taught us anything, it’s to listen, learn, co-create to drive success, and always be ready for anything.

At FAULHABER, we make having a growth mindset a priority, which means we are always learning and growing.

I’ve noticed that the same rules also apply in our personal lives. Investing in our “team” is sometimes all we have, especially in times as unpredictable as they are now.

Here are five points I think are important to make note of as we move into 2022.  I’ve also added some related reading you may find valuable to lead your team successfully.

1. Your team is critical to your success.

You might have great ideas, but you can’t possibly be in 10 places at once. It’s important to teach your team how to channel their magic. Give your people the bandwidth, trust and respect and they will always deliver. Encourage them and you’ll see success multiply. Over the years, we’ve worked with Amanda Hudson and her team at A Modern Way to Work to evolve and strength our management skills. Check out AMWTW’s website for tips and tricks to help empower your team.

2. Focus on the strengths.

As a value led organization, FAULHABER focuses on what the team does best using Gallup’s CliftonStrengths to find out each person’s natural strengths. Taking a personal assessment like this allows you to identify your innate talents, so you can nurture them and thrive. Do this for the entire team and you will not only have a more productive team but better connections. Over 26 million people have identified their strengths – go ahead! I did this with my partner as well – fun to see how we mesh and how we can help each other maximize our own strengths. Communication, Activator & Woo (winning others over) are my top 3!

3. Learn up & listen more.

More than ever before, leaders are truly listening and learning. As our workplaces are more and more informed, diversity, equity and inclusion must be a top priority. Have conversations, read up, and share. We worked with TRIEC (Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council) to focus on our DEI evolution and learned about many valuable frameworks and tools. At FAULHABER, we are also focused on sharing diverse stories and have a platform in our weekly all-team meeting to discuss and share any topics related to DEI.

4. Make sure your goals are clear.

Writing down and articulating your goals is critical for success, whether they are personal goals or professional ones.  As a leader, making your business priorities known is the only way to get everyone rowing the boat in the same direction. Whether you call them OKRs or KPIs or goals, having clear, measurable, and visible milestones and checking in often on your progress towards them is the only way to make meeting them possible.  A great book on introducing goals into your business or personal life is Measure What Matters by John Doerr.

5. Check in early and often.

Working with great people that you trust is essential to building a thriving business. One of the most powerful ways to build trust is by showing up for your team with regular check-ins. Meeting agendas can run the gamut, from reviewing KPIs, checking in on a project’s progression, to asking about a win of the week, or just connecting about what’s happening in someone’s personal life.  No matter what you talk about, having a regular weekly touchpoint with your people fosters a positive environment for encouragement, problem-solving and relationship building.  Some of the best leadership tips I’ve read about come from Brene Brown. Everything she writes is worth your time and will help you become a more empathetic leader.

What tools do you love? Please share by sending us a note and connecting.  See you in 2022.

Xo Christine

Christine Faulhaber, Founder & CEO