5 Types of Podcasts Every PR Professional Should Listen To

As a PR professional it is important to always be in the know. Whether it’s about current affairs or news relating to your client’s industry, being up to date is part of the job. Podcasts are an excellent way to gain knowledge and information about different areas of your profession. If you haven’t started listening to podcasts, now’s your chance! Here are five types of podcasts every PR professional should listen to:


  1. A Motivational Podcast

At FAULHABER one of our key values is entrepreneurial-minded, and in order to live this value every day, it is important to dive into the minds of some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Listening to podcasts like NPR: How I Built This can help spark your creative mind and ignite ideation.


  1. A Personal Development Podcast

If you work in PR, you are no stranger to working in groups. At FAULHABER every employee takes the CliftonStrengths assessment to see what our top strengths are and how we can best utilize them to work better together to get the best results for our clients. By listening to Gallup Called to Coach: Theme Thursday, you can get a better understanding of each of your strengths, and your teammates, and how to utilize them to work more efficiently.


  1. A Client ‘s Industry Podcast

Whether you work in beauty, fashion, design or cannabis you should always stay up to date on what is going on in your client’s industry. Podcasts are a great way to learn about different aspects of business. If you work in cannabis try listening to CannaInside or The Business of Fashion Podcast if you have fashion-related clients.


  1. A PR Industry Podcast

We have talked about staying up to date on your client’s respective industry, but we can’t forget about our own. Stay relevant by listening to public relations, marketing, or other communication podcasts. Some of our favourites here at FAULHABER are Marketing Over Coffee and Pitching PR.


  1. The News Podcast

In Public Relations it is not only important to keep up with what the media is saying about you and your clients, but also the news in general. In order to understand the media landscape, you always need to know what’s going on. Try listening to a news-related podcast such as The Daily or Global News Podcast.



Amanda Mallat, Account Coordinator