5 Ways to Network Like a Professional

With networking events and summer patio parties on the horizon, we all need a little refresher on effective ways to insert and assert ourselves into group conversations. These five tips are sure to help you create valuable connections at your next networking event.


1. Ask open-ended questions


You don’t need a funny story, anecdote or any specifics to stand out in a crowd. Smile, use eye contact and open-ended questions to engage the group.


2. Get in sync


Use body language to gain entry into a conversation and mirror the group. If they react, you should too. Laugh along with them.

3. Know how to find a segue


Join a conversation politely by introducing yourself. Making light of the fact that you don’t know anyone but are interested in the discussion is often a winning approach.


4. Go in with a purpose


Find a reason to talk to one specific person within the group. If your questions have a purpose rather than just making small talk you’ll eliminate any awkwardness at the start of a conversation.


5. Offer a compliment


A simple compliment can go a long way. By entering a conversation saying something positive you’ll give off a good first impression.