A Guide to Optimizing Instagram Reels: 5 Video Content Tips to Succeed

We all know about Instagram Reels, but how well do we know how to use them? With the rise of video content on social media platforms, it is no surprise that Instagram is pushing out Reels. While Reels have been around since 2020, Instagram recently announced that they were making changes to the algorithm, changes that prioritize Reels from brands and strangers over content from accounts that you already follow. While this is slightly controversial, there is a lot of opportunity here. If you are a creator or a brand that wants to grow their Instagram presence, here is a helpful guide to being successful using Reels as a digital marketing tool today. See below for five easy hacks!

Tip #1: Create Original Content

Instagram has over a billion users, be creative and create content that is unique to you and your brand. Use original video content to tell people who you are and why they should care. 

Tip #2: Include a Hook

If your video content doesn’t have a hook, people will scroll faster than you can imagine. This is key to boosting engagement with Reels. Tell the user right away why they should keep watching. Hooks should be short and make sure to use big, bold text. 

Tip #3: Call to Action

Every Reel should have a call to action of some kind, they prompt users to follow and engage with you. An easy Instagram CTA is adding ‘link in bio’ somewhere in your caption. 

Tip #4: Jump on Trends FAST

Trends are constantly changing, and at lightning speed. If you see a trend, don’t wait. Jump on it and get ahead of the curve. 

Tip #5: Share, Share Share!

The last tip is to share the content. This doesn’t just mean posting the Reel, it means also sharing it on your feed and posting on your story. Utilize every feature on the app to help push it out. Adding hashtags is another great way to get it in front of more eyes.

Whether you like this update or not, try these 5 tips to optimizing your video content and you will be surprised by the results. One thing that Instagram and TikTok do have in common is that both algorithms are a mystery to some extent, and they are both very different. One useful lesson in social media and digital marketing is to always play around with trends and ideas because video content that thrives on TikTok may flop on Instagram and vice versa. Start pushing out Instagram Reels now before the next trend comes along!