AyA Kitchens Debuts CUBI at IDS17

Known for their innovative designs, AyA is set to unveil CUBI, a collaboration with design firm PARTISANS, at the 2017 Interior Design Show.

AyA and PARTISANS recognize that as urban life evolves, living spaces are becoming smaller (we’re sorry for the reminder). CUBI, a modular space and dividing system, helps homeowners adjust to these changes in style. Each unit can be customized to address any unique storage need, be it as a wall, shelf, seating or even planters and lighting. The system is versatile enough that customers can have complete control of the design; providing the opportunity to select a system that best suits their lifestyle. CUBI further differentiates itself from standard shelving units with the possibility of direct integration. Imagine being able to grow fresh herbs and vegetables in the same space you prepare meals for your family and friends? Sign us up! Best of all, customers can feel great about supporting a local company, as AyA is based in Mississauga and each CUBI unit is made to order with Canadian Maple. Oh Canada, indeed.

Don’t miss AyA’s booth at IDS17 running January 19th-22nd!