Canada’s Design Thinker of the Year

If you’ve ever been inside a Balzac’s café, you know they don’t just make an out-of-this-world latte. From the moment you step in the door, the entire experience at one of the roastery’s 13 Canadian locations is unmistakably Parisian. Customers aren’t the only ones to notice this – the Association of Registered Graphic Designers has too.

Diana Olsen, Balzac’s Founder and President, received one of the most prestigious honours from the RGD by being named Canada’s 2017 Design Thinker of the Year. Awarded to Canadian corporate leaders who have demonstrated unparalleled design and design thinking, Diana sure does fit the bill. Since 1996 she has curated every aspect of the Balzac’s brand and experience, including everything from the signature yellow cups to the original tile flooring. Whether you’re in Stratford or Toronto, Diana has managed to make each location distinct and unique, while still staying true to the essence that is Balzac’s Coffee Roasters.

Congratulations Diana – we raise our coffees to you!

For more information on the Design Thinkers of the Year Award, click here.