Public Speaking 101

Approximately 75% of people suffer from speech anxiety (source: National Health Institute). If you are part of the statistic, or just hate the spotlight, follow these five public speaking tips from our fearless leader to help conquer your fears and feel confident in front of a crowd.

Arrive Polished

Dress to kill; first impressions are everything. You want to feel comfortable but look polished. If you are going to be standing, wear heels or a pant/skirt length that elongates your posture.

Use a 3-Way Mirror

Your audience may be snapping pictures for social, so be sure to look good from all sides and angles.

Deliver Value

Before public speaking, do the research. Knowing your audience is key. Once you understand who you are speaking to, you can customize your approach to deliver information and advice they will find insightful and valuable.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you are preparing a speech, practice speaking in front of a mirror. This way you can make adjustments to body language and get comfortable talking about the content out loud. Also, relying on cue cards is a total party foul; memorize as much as possible to make a real connection with the audience.

Be Mindful

Be aware of your body language. Nervous habits like crossing arms or fidgeting may come across negatively to the crowd. Relax your arms and don’t forget to smile.  On the big day, slowly count to ten to calm your breathing, and remind yourself of the steps you took to be successful. Be confident and know that you are ready to conquer the stage.