Creating an effective experiential marketing strategy

At the height of its popularity a few short years ago, experiential marketing was part of every brand strategy. As a person going about an average Saturday afternoon in the city, you likely would’ve come across a number of activations asking for your attention. But exactly how many made you engage or gain a deeper understanding of a brand’s story?

Reaching your target

What’s most successful are activations that work to meaningfully reach target consumers where they live, work, and play. In other words, we’re seeing the growing effectiveness of omnichannel marketing.

Omnichannel Marketing – A method where brands reach existing and prospective customers with a consistent message through a variety of formats, to reinforce a message.

These campaigns are effective because they reach customers in a number of ways all at once, putting consumers in the power position. They can learn and shop how and when it suits them.

In perspective

For example, Genesis Motors Canada delivers on the brand promise. “We Come to You, recognizing the value of time as true luxury for their customers, time-strapped professionals.”

The brand is now online with a robust social media presence, in retail boutiques and at Toronto Pearson International Airport to offer convenience and flexibility.

As marketers, we are always dreaming up new ways to reach, inspire and influence. Knowing your objectives, your customers’ preferences, and knowing what will catch their eye will help inform the ways in which you plan to reach your audience.

Keep an open mind and know there are so many ways to do this – that way, you’ll be most effective at creating a memorable experience for your customers.