Diversity and Inclusion: How Faulhaber is Supporting Diversity in PR

In recent months, the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement has urged Faulhaber to engage in ongoing meaningful discussions about the responsibility we as an agency have in creating a safe, diverse and inclusive environment for our team, our clients and our partners. As a leader in our industry, we recognize these conversations need to extend beyond words and be put into practice to insight lasting change that extends outside of our walls and contribute to making a lasting impact where it matters most – in our community.

Starting at home, we have been working diligently on a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) program that prioritizes the importance of inclusive opportunities, social responsibility, education and supporting the BIPOC community. We are committed to evolving our business to ensure DEI is integrated into every aspect of the agency’s DNA – from how we operate, who we hire, and what is communicated both internally and externally, Faulhaber is committed to enacting the change we all want and need to see now.

Two recent initiatives within the DEI program include the agency offering its new service, FConsults pro bono to the BIPOC community and updates to the Faulhaber Communications Award in partnership with Toronto Metropolitan University.

“At FAULHABER, we believe there is unity in diversity and that inclusive work environments allow people and organizations to thrive,” said Lindsay Singer, Director, Client Relations & Team Engagement who leads the DEI team at FAULHABER. “Individuals have different unique abilities and capacities, but in an inclusive environment everyone’s strengths and contributions are encouraged, supported and leveraged.”

This year, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Faulhaber launched FConsults, a program designed to support and encourage entrepreneurial mindedness among business owners through offering personalized consultations, strategic planning, and meaningful execution from senior leaders at the agency. This summer, the FConsults program launched a specialized effort to highlight and support BIPOC-owned businesses in the community.  The agency has already supported Toronto-based food company Ohh! Foods through this initiative. (Side note: These allergen free snacks are beyond incredible. Everyone at the office is obsessed!)

As an agency rooted in empowerment and entrepreneurship, Faulhaber has always aimed to inspire aspiring PR professionals. In 2015, we launched the annual Faulhaber Communications Award in partnership with Toronto Metropolitan University’s (previously Ryerson) School of Journalism and School of Professional Communications. This year more than ever, Faulhaber recognizes the absence of equal representation in our industry. The award will be now be prioritized to an individual within the BIPOC community. The award will deliver financial support to a female recipient who demonstrates Faulhaber’s operating principles – Innovation, Insight Driven, Collaboration and Integrity.

These initiatives are only the beginning for our team and our agency. It is Faulhaber’s goal to grow and extend our efforts wherever we can make a meaningful impact. We are the first to say this process is ongoing and ever evolving. There are no limits to learning how to do better and doing our part to share that message within our industry and live that message within our agency. Together, we are always stronger.