F20: Letter from the President

Seeing you, bigger.

It is with great honour and pride that I step into the role of President & Partner.  I am humbled and grateful that Christine Faulhaber is entrusting me with leading this incredible agency into its next successful 20 years.

Christine has built FAULHABER into one of Canada’s topmost recognized boutique agencies. She is an extraordinary leader and whip smart entrepreneur. For the last 11 years, she has pushed me outside my comfort zone and helped me grow from a shy woman with a lot of ideas to a leader with a strong voice. She is my mentor, friend, and partner.  I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

As President, I will focus on driving category growth across our digital and PR divisions as well as upskilling and digitizing the entire team. There is no question in my mind that digital is the future of our business.  As we continue to increase our digital-first work, it is imperative that the entire team understands and can execute digital strategy.  One of my first initiatives as our new President is a commitment that by the end of 2021, our entire team will have received digital training and certification.  

Culture is everything when it comes to agency life. We work hard. Some days, it feels like you see your colleagues more than you see your family. COVID-19 has only added to that pressure. With remote work and a constant stream of video calls, burnout is a real consideration. In a Harvard Business Review article,Making Joy A Priority at Work“, a survey found that 97% of people expect to feel joy at work, but only 37% do. As President, I am focused on ensuring our team feels energized, engaged and #joy. A key part of joy comes from the connection to purpose and to be recognized for the work you do and the impact you make. My goal is to implement a celebrate-first mindset, where we thrive on recognizing and championing the successes our team achieves each and every day.  We have already implemented custom FAULHABER branded TEAMS badges, which we use to celebrate the wins of our colleagues and we will continue to find new ways to recognize the work and efforts our team brings to the table daily.

Purpose is critical to an engaged team and a strong brand. This is exactly why as part of the leadership transition, we spent a considerable amount of time examining what makes the agency unique and has contributed to its success over the years. Working closely with executive coach Ian Chamandy, author and co-founder of Blueprint Business Architect, we came up with a new purpose statement that captures the unique essence of FAULHABER: Seeing you, bigger.

Seeing you, bigger encapsulates the approach FAULHABER has always taken. Whether we are working with one of our clients or challenging our team with new and unique opportunities, we always see bigger. To celebrate our new tag, we worked with Creative Studio Public Office to create a new FAULHABER sizzle reel. Check it out here.


I am excited for what lays ahead. We are dynamic agency bursting with ideas. Our team is fully committed, ahead of the curve and ready to drive brand growth for existing and new clients alike.

Feel free to drop me a line at lp@faulhabercommunications.com if you ever want to connect. I look forward to making magic with you all.

Xo Lexi