#FEVENTS: 5 Things to Consider When Planning an Event

1. Your guests’ other senses

It’s easy to focus on the sights, sounds and tastes your guest will experience at your event, but don’t forget about the other senses! The strongest sense tied to memory is smell, so ensure your event is the perfect balance of an understated fragrance. Keep in mind smells from the catering set up, outdoor area and don’t forget about the bathrooms! What the event space smells like before the event is not what it will smell like during the event – think ahead!

2. Flow of the space

Consider your event space capacity and plan for the worst. What will the space look like with minimal attendees? What will the space look like with too many attendees? If your space is multi-level, consider how your guests will move between floors and where the bottlenecks may occur. For small spaces or multilevel venues, investing in a security team to manage the flow of traffic might be a wise investment.

3. What’s your photo moment?

As Christine always says “what’s the moment? What’s the key photo that everyone is going to take and share at your event?”

In our social media culture, Instagrams really do speak 1000 words – make sure you think ahead and present the best possible image of your event. Consider how can you maximize your space, lighting and branding to ensure this image tells your event’s brand story.

4. Capacities and limitations of your space

Use your pre-event site visits to maximize your relationship with your venue contact. Consider all the details including accessibility for those who can’t do the stairs, electrical requirements for your catering and air conditioning. Come to your site visit prepared with a list of questions – no detail is too minute.

5. Be your best self

Event planning can be stressful even for the most experienced event planners so make sure to take care of yourself and think ahead. Anticipating your personal needs beforehand ensures you will be at your best and ready to tackle any challenge! Pack a healthy lunch, bring water, charge your phone and pack your event outfit ahead of time – these little steps will take stress off you on the big day, keeping you focused and thinking clearly.