#FEVENTS: Aragon Celebrates EightyOne Wellesley

Aragon celebrates EightyOne Wellesley & Moving Forward with the Community

This week Aragon hosted a series of events to introduce EightyOne Wellesley, a 28 story residence in the heart of the village, to the community. These events laid focus on how this building aims to celebrate and reflect on the history and soul of the neighbourhood. Vendors directly from the village collaborated on this event including The New Leaf FloristsThe Red BenchFuel +North of BrooklynCrepes A Go Go and Kawa Sushi, presenting to guests the possibilities of the area and a “Village Marketplace” theme. The use of local vendors created an appreciation for the heritage of the village while the DESIGN FORWARD philosophy embodied in EightyOne Wellesley promoted innovation and the excitement of living in a changing and growing environment.

The event evoked a key goal of Aragon and EightyOne Wellesley, to help connect the community through various residential experiences such as including outdoor spaces with seating and art where local residents can come together. Aragon’s goal of building a community is ever-present in their concept and design

The homes of EightyOne Wellesley are being released this spring. For more information, you can visit the Aragon website and take part in the community and the endless possibilities within it.

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