#FEVENTS: Dinner By Design 2016

Last night the FSquad attended the second annual Monogram Dinner by Design presented by Caesarstone in support of Casey House and Design Exchange. From lavish and romantic to the outrageous and whimsical, guests were awestruck by 11 extraordinary dining installations created by some of Canada’s most acclaimed designers.

Check out these gush worthy dining settings created by  Design AgencyGensler, Guido Costantino Design Office Inc., Parker Barrow, Joel Loblaw, Architects Alliance, Ashley Botten Design, Commute DesignVitra, Jenny Francis Design, Moriyama & Teshima Architects and Bortolotto.

Guest were quick to jump online and share their experience and it’s clear to see why. Check out the conversation on Twitter and Instagram or follow the hashtag #DxDTO16.

Designed By DesignAgency

“Experiential, Whimsical, and Contemplative: Mirrored reflections allow diners to experience many other angles of each other, while the historical and futuristic design elements reinforce the experiential sense of reflection, encouraging diners to contemplate both past, present and future.”

Designed By: Jenny Francis 

“Intimate super tableau:  Jenny Francis drew inspiration from meaningful art, objects and furniture as part of the tactile and visual memories made by friends and family thanks to this intimate space.”

Designed By: Vitra

“Industrial, machine-age, organic: This installation pays homage to the French architect and designer Jean Prouvé by showcasing his unique aesthetic, which seamlessly combines artistic skill and engineering mastery.”

Designed By: architectsAlliance

“Serene, enigmatic, enveloping: Concept embodies the conviction that design can express a profound sense of connection, through the language of form, structure, light and colour (or it’s absence).”

Designed By: Joel Loblaw 

“Camp, outdoors, texture: Concept builds on the idea of an outdoor kitchen with firewood, enamelware camping plate where visitors will get the feeling of stepping out of the city into the woods with a cozy cabin close by. ”

Designed By: Guido Constantino

“Distilled, quiet, skeletal: The design is a play with the skeletal bones and skin of a space with structure and appearance. ”

Designed By: Commute Design

“The pair wanted to represent the sense of handmade and technique with the items in the space. The table, for example, is scraped by hand, but the text on rules of Victorian dining are done with laser cutting and the foiling is done by hand. ”

Designed By: Parker Barrow

“Textured, futuristic, neo-noir: With a heavily textured look and futuristic feel, Parker Barrow’s space and table is inspired by Syd Mead’s visual futurist design concepts from neo-noir genre film Blade Runner and from Frank Lloyd Wright’s concrete textile blocks.”

Designed By: Bortolotto

“Density, Vertigo, Periphery: Dining on the Periphery places the pristine and articulated practice of dining amidst the ever rising construction site of the city’s skyline.”

Designed By: Gensler

“Dynamic, infinite, minimal: Gensler’s design concept is based on creating a unique, dynamic dining experience for the future, where space is made of energy and light. ”

Designed By: Ashley Botten Design

“Real, experiential, raw: This dining room is about pieces that may not be obvious parinings and may even clash, and how finding a balance so these objects become connected.”

Designed By: Moriyama & Teshima Architects 

“Sensual, elemental, essential: The concept grew from two memories of rain and dining. The first was of a thunderstorm that drew strangers together, beneath an awning’s shelter on a patio as two couples shared memories and inspiration, discussing culture and arts over beautiful food. :

Photo Credit:  Ryan Emberley

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