#FFinds: FSQUAD’s 12 Days of Toronto – Part Three

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve made it! We’re in the final stretch of the holiday season, which means that the endless gift giving and party hopping will be coming to an end for the next 11 months. Although the FSQUAD will always be fans of the wining and dining that comes along with this time of year, we thought we would put our belt buckles at ease and hit up the city.

Day Nine: 

Ditch your Netflix account for the night and visit the historic Bloor Hot Docs Cinema located in the heart of the Annex. Today they are playing Christmas classics all day long, free of charge! Yup we said it, free!

Day Ten:

One of Toronto’s favourite holiday traditions, The Nutcracker, is back and celebrating its 10th anniversary at the Four Seasons Centre. The production is known as one of The National Ballet of Canada’s most opulent performances year after year and has been deemed “the best Nutcracker on the planet.”

Day Eleven:

Put Wayne Gretzky to shame and strap on a pair of ice skates! The skating trail at Evergreen Brick Works has been described as “visiting the country without leaving the city,” which makes it the perfect getaway spot for those of you crunched for time. Make sure to check their website before you head out for an update on their ice conditions.

Day Twelve:

Toronto’s waterfront has been completely transformed into theSpectacle of Lights this season to celebrate its recent revitalization. The Toronto Music Garden has been converted into a fully animated lighting installation with over 39,000 LED lights and enchanting music notes, while The Westin Hotel, the Fire Hall and Amsterdam Bridge at the Harbourfront Centre all boast Instagram-worthy displays.

As this is the final wrap to our 12 Days of Christmas series, we wish you the most happiest and eventful of holidays!