#FFinds: FSQUAD’s 12 Days of Toronto – Part Two

We all have that one difficult person on our Christmas list to buy for, and we empathize with the state of panic that sets in when you just can’t find that perfect gift. To ease the stress of the holidays (and the rest of the year for that matter), we’ve picked four of our never-fail gift stores in the city.

Day Five: 

If you find yourself in Kensington Market, Blue Banana Market should definitely be on your radar. The one-of-a-kind gift store describes itself as “Eclectic. Avant-garde. Cultural. Vibrant. Alive,” which goes without saying once you’ve laid your eyes on their pancake scented candles and craft beer making kits. Our favourite? These super cool salt and pepper shakers, which have already been added to our wish lists.

Day Six:

Hitting the streets of Toronto just last year, Spacing Store is surely a magazine turned retail haven. Their love for the city shines through with their huge selection of six inspired gifts, like the City of Neighbourhood toques (sign us up for a Liberty Village one!) and atlas of Toronto gift-wrapping paper. Located right on Richmond Street West, this is the perfect place for Drake-worthy gifts.

Day Seven:

Looking for a one-stop shop? Some of Toronto’s hottest stores gathered outside Union Station to make your work commute just a little bit more festive. Between Desmond & Beatrice Bakeshop’s mouth-watering creations and Yo Sox’s knitwear, the Union Station Holiday Market will have you wishing your buying list was even longer.

Day Eight:

The Cabbagetown gem, Labour of Loveis home to gifts of every budget, proving that you don’t have to break the bank this time of year. With walls filled floor to ceiling with jewellery and gift cards, Labour of Love makes holiday shopping anything but a chore!

Happy shopping! We’re only at day eight but we’ve got you covered for the final four days, so stay tuned for more of our festive suggestions.