#FFinds: Must-Watch List

Fall weather is around the corner, so we have a lineup of our fave shows for your cozy nights at home. From thrillers and dramas to bloody comedies, check out Faulhaber’s must-watch list:


“Don’t let the Jonas brother fool you, Kingdom is probably the best show you’re not watching.This MMA drama will have you searching for the nearest Kickboxing/Muay Thai gym. Plus who doesn’t love a little Friday Night Lights/Luke Cafferty {Matt Lauria} throwback?” – Natasha Black, Account Coordinator


“This new show gives viewers an authentic glimpse into a computer hacker’s world. The cinematography pushes boundaries and its visual aesthetic breaks the mold. The premise dials right into millenial angst, not to mention the soundtrack by Mac Quayle is on point.” –  Maddalen Pasini, Account and Community Coordinator


“Would like to say it’s a guilty pleasure, but I’m not guilty about watching this feel good, dramatic show!

It has the romance, music and fairy tale that makes for an easy watch, while having the drama and lies that make it something worth tuning in for every week! Who doesn’t love a bit of country!?” – Megan Taylor, Account Executive


“Complex characters, great acting and lots of layers to the plot!” – Taylor Mason, Account Coordinator


“It’s a guilty pleasure I’d care not to admit, but sometimes you just need a good glass of wine and a drama filled show to relax after a long day.” – Sarah Leone, Senior Account Executive


“I love Julianna Margulies as Alicia – she kicks ass as a powerful lawyer and there still seems to be too few shows with great female leads.” – Nicole Clark, Junior Account Coordinator


“Mean Girls meets Friday the 13th. Chick flicks and horror movies in the most magnificent melting pot with an all-star killer (hehe!) cast – Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Nick Jonas. From the creators of my other favourite series, American Horror Story, this series plans to run with a whole new cast in its second season, not unlike True Detective.” – Shannon Law, Manager, Strategy & Development