#FFORCE: 5 Tips for Faulhaber Trainee Program Success

At FAULHABER, trainees are an integral part of the #FSQUAD. Trainees experience the fast-paced and ever evolving PR industry while helping support campaigns, events, and much more. Masters of many trades, FAULHABER trainees exude positivity, polish and a winning attitude. The goal of the FAULHABER trainee program is to give trainees the tools they need to take on the public relations field whether it’s at FAULHABER or elsewhere.

Want to know what it takes to come out on top? Check out some tips and tricks below from one of our past trainees, now full-time member of the #FSQUAD.

Do Your Homework

Before submitting your resume to FAULHABER, make sure you know everything about the company. Being two steps ahead and in the know will show you know your stuff. Glance over our client roster and all the cool things we’re up to. A great way to start is by going on the FAULHABER website, we always post case studies and wins!

Dress to Impress

Christine always says, “dress for the next position, not the one you’re in.” On any given day, FAULHABER welcomes an array of people into the FSHOPPE. From stylists to editors and celebrities, you will quickly become a FAULHABER face to all our guests. Looking polished is always a great look because you never know who you’ll meet.

Always Ask Questions

There is no such thing as a dumb question. When you’re uncertain of a task or assignment never assume; always ask for clarification. Asking questions is not looked down upon at FAULHABER ­– it’s encouraged! It helps everyone on your team when work is being done the right way.

Carry a Notebook

With its black leather cover and famous FAULHABER logo, our notebooks are an extension of our ideas and thoughts. Filled with a notorious amount of to-do’s and scribbles of notes, it goes everywhere we go. Carrying a notebook is a great habit for aspiring PR superstars. We can’t remember it all, but by writing all those small details down, it becomes a helpful resource.

Have Fun

During the 12-week process, you will work hard and learn crazy amounts of new skills while having fun along the way. Show off your personality, be friendly to everyone and make it the best experience for yourself. From hitting up music festivals as a FAULHABER ambassador to taking part in team brainstorms, remember to take a step back and enjoy the process.

Are you interested in becoming a FAULHABER trainee? We’re always looking for inspiring individuals to join our team. Send your resumes to careers@faulhabercommunications.com.