#FGOES – Dermalogica Daredevils take Canada’s Wonderland

Last week the #FSQUAD geared up for an out of the box day full of fun and stress (yes we said stress) at Canada’s Wonderland. The purpose of this unlikely trip? To showcase the latest and greatest from skincare giant Dermalogica.

We channelled our productive positivity out of this stressful situation (roller coasters, extreme rides), and smiled our biggest smiles (forgetting the strain of laughter lines) as we introduced Dermalogica’s newest warrior products; Stress Positive Eye Lift, and the AgeSmart Nightly Lip Treatment!

Screaming, sweating, and snapping the day away were highly encouraged during our #dermdaredevils adventure! Check out some of our favourite images from the day.

Photography by Katherine Holland

Till next time,