#FREPS: Canadian Caesar Experts Matt & Steve’s

One of our favourite Canadian companies is Matt & Steve’s – a small, yet extraordinarily innovative company. Originally renowned for their Caesar garnishes (because what’s a Caesar without great garnish?), their expansion over the recent years has made them a staple in Canadian kitchens from coast to coast. With an increasing demand for their delicious pickled goods, Matt & Steve’s demonstrate daily how they make snacking “tasty, topical, social and fun.”

Originating in the GTA in 2000, the co-founders Matt Larochelle and Steve McVicker met during their bartender days in their early 20’s. Thinking they could create a better garnish for the many bloody Caesars they served on the regular, Matt and Steve decided it was time to put the celery to rest.  After concocting a variety of different spices and seeking Matt’s mom’s DIY pickling expertise, The Extreme Bean was born in their small rented apartment.

Using the sweet and crunchy Kentucky flat bean, their signature Extreme Bean offers the perfect Caesar side in 3 delicious flavours – Sweet & Savoury, Garlic & Dill, and Hot & Spicy. Among their many entertaining essentials, the duo also offers their B’nolive, pickled olives great for martinis and drinks, classic Caesar Rimmer that adds a spicy bite to any Caesar, and their newest pickled product, The Asparagus, a delicious pickled asparagus with a big crunch and bold flavour.

Matt & Steve’s exemplify what it means to be Canadian – innovative and fun! Try Matt & Steve’s pickled goods in select markets and their online store here.