#FREPS: Dermalogica Daily Replenishing Oil

Over the weekend we discovered one of beauty elite’s best kept secrets to healthy, youthful, dewy skin. Make-up artists, skin gurus and even Cleopatra have all been avid users of this beauty regimen and now Dermalogica is letting you in on the secret. We’re talking about facial oils; concentrated treatments that are actually therapeutic and replenishing for your skin – but not oily. Magical concept, we know.

Dermalogica has always has been on the frontier of skin care education – particularly when it comes to the benefits of using oil-based products and that a little bit of oil on your face is actually a good thing. With the introduction of their new Daily Replenishing Oil, Dermalogica proves that a little essential oil goes a long way. The Daily Replenishing Oil is an excellent and quick-absorbing way to protect, nourish and repair the skin’s barrier all the while fighting inflammation and reducing sensitivity.

We already feel the glow-up happening.