#FREPS – The Artist Project

The Artist Project is kicking off its 10th year from February 23-26, with over 250 of Canada’s most preeminent artist’s featured works. The event is known to draw in collectors, gallerists, and curators alike, making it one of the city’s biggest events in arts and culture. The event gives visitors the opportunity to connect directly with the artists themselves and maybe even purchase a piece from the next big breakout star in the art world.
If you’re unsure who to keep close tabs on this year look no further, we’ve put a list together of the most notable artists at the show this year, both new to the scene and TAP veterans.

Moira Ness 

One of this year’s UNTAPPED winners, Moira Ness is an emerging contemporary photographer with an eye for urban scenery and a life-long passion for landscape cinematography and photography.

Moira’s work is dark and moody, transforming urban cityscapes into a mysterious delight. Her body of work titled “Nightscapes” mixes darkness with light, capturing the beauty and stillness of a city without sound – an “invisible city”. Moira’s nocturnal light studies document the essence of a city unseen in this compelling perspective.

With works featured across Canada, Los Angeles, New York, London, Milan and Korea, you can catch Moira situated at booth U-4 before her next expedition.

Claim to Fame:  Moira’s piece titled “ESA” has recently been auctioned in the prestigious SNAP! 2017 charity gala.

Richard Ahnert 

A name well-known among the art scene, Richard Ahnert explores the relationship between humans and animals in a narrative designed to evoke emotion and stimulate discussion.

Thematic overtones of satire, humor and reflection characterize Richard’s work, making it a must-see at this year’s TAP. Richard’s work can be found among the private collections of businesses and art-enthusiasts, and has been featured in many North American galleries (winning several awards along the way).

Start the discussion and catch a glimpse of Richard’s work at booth 519.

Claim to Fame: Richard’s work has been featured in The National Post, Toronto Life, and is the Creative Quarterly Fine Art Award Winner 2015

Keight MacLean 

Toronto-based artist Keight Maclean is a recent graduate of OCAD and completed the prestigious Florence Program at the school. Having studied many famous works first-hand in Florence, Keight brings a fresh perspective to an otherwise classically-styled oil painting.

Keight’s work is reminiscent of the Renaissance and Baroque era with a modern twist, mixing intense neons with classical oil painting techniques. Keight’s proven ability to combine traditional portraits and experimental elements is what made her one of the UNTAPPED winners this year.

Explore the many questions addressed by Keight’s work at Booth U-8.

Claim to Fame: Recently won Career Launcher (401 Richmond studio) Competition and solo show titled Keight MacLean: Renaissance at the Centre for Social Innovation.

Alexey Klokov  

Originally based out of Russia, this internationally recognized artist has recently introduced Canada to a new body of work highlighting “abstract enamels”.

Alexey’s mission is to “captivate the viewer in such a way that their hearts and minds begin to explore a greater dimension”. His work extends beyond the realm of the physical world and transcends into spirituality, symbolism and harmony.

Alexey’s work spans from landscapes to portraits, abstract to discernable symbolism.
Explore these diverse works at Booth 440.

Claim to Fame:  Has been featured in popular exhibits throughout Russia, Japan, Austria, the UK and the USA.

 Cynthia Coulombe Begin 

Born in Miami and raised in Quebec City, Cynthia’s work is heavily linked to her understanding of the soul and matter, consciousness, and the universe itself.

Identity plays a key role in her creative work, with her interpretation on the subject expressed with each stroke of her brush. She compares the image we project with who we are, which is emphasized by spontaneous movement and shape-shifting figures that come alive on the canvas.

Cynthia’s image and true self will be in booth 835, for further introspection into her world.

Claim to Fame: Solo Exhibition – Passage, Élysée Fleurs, Québec 2015