Get to Know a Neighbourhood: Kingston Road Village

Kingston Road Village

Kingston Road Village isn’t just about the beach anymore. Basking in the glow of a vibrant art scene that compliments its fashionable, yet family friendly neighbourhood, Kingston Road Village offers the best of Upper Beach living. With pastel painted cafes and quaint shops reminiscent of the Mediterranean rather than east-end Toronto, this village sets the vibe for relaxed living. The beauty of this bustling borough lies in its eclectic selection of one of a kind cafes, picturesque green spaces and lively pubs. We’ve rounded up our top 5 neighbourhood spots to take it in.

The Art of Cheese

If you’re a cheese connoisseur, feast your eyes on one of Toronto’s biggest local and worldwide selections at The Art of Cheese. Take home a creamy Guernsey cheddar from Scotland or dive into a rich Gouda sourced from Ontario’s own backyard. Though the little shop at Kingston Road and Willow Avenue, takes pride in its abundant assortment of cheese, it believes in selecting the right cheese shop. Providing a step-by-step, in depth how-to, the establishment poses points to consider such as how the cheese will be used, choosing the appropriate retailer and the naked truth: great cheese ain’t cheap.

Fox Theatre

Not only a landmark on Toronto’s famed Queen Street but a Canadian gem, the Fox Theatre is the oldest continuously operated theatre in North America. Opening its doors in April of 1914, the local cinema has been known for keeping up with the industry as it adapted its screens from silent films to the infamous talkies to films painted in color. Fixed at 2236 Queen Street East, The Fox lets you enjoy the latest that Hollywood has to offer while basking in an age old surrounding.

Savoury Grounds Coffee Co.

A 13 year old engine that could, the Savoury Grounds takes coffee making back to its roots. With the belief that the very best coffee can only be crafted by hand, the shop roasts its very own beans, right on site. Since its inception in 2001, it’s stayed true to its philosophy that only fresh coffee is worth drinking. Offering blends from almost every continent, head in for your favorite roast or get it delivered right to your kitchen counter.

Image: BlogTO

Kingston&Co. Condos

If you’re looking to be a part of Upper Beach living, Kingston&Co, the latest condo development to hit the beaches, opens the doors to its new presentation center this month. Spearheaded by award winning developer TAS  and designed by Mason Studio, take a walk though what could be your next living space. With comfortable yet contemporary design, the project provides future residents with an affordable alternative to low-rise housing that feels more like a home than a condo. If you’ve ever considered condo living before, TAS takes a transparent approach to debugging the myths behind it with an engaging Q&A. Ready for occupancy in early 2017, visit the new presentation center at 1089 Kingston Road.

Beach Sound Records

If nostalgia is your thing, get lost amongst Elvis Presley, Ella Fitzgerald and Pavarotti – all on vinyl. If you walk along the isles of Beach Sound Records, it will definitely take you back to the time when VHS was your best friend and you had to flip from Side A to Side B to never lose your groove. Not only housing a wide selection from punk rock to soul, the shop offers expert opinions and informal history lessons on Toronto’s record store scene from its experienced staff. Hop in for a listen at 898 Kingston Road.

Image: BlogTO