How Faulhaber Beats The Monday Blues  

It’s just a matter of fact that Mondays are one of, if not the most dreaded days of the week. But some Mondays’ are worse than others, for example, today is Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year. While there is little scientific evidence of people truly being more depressed today, Blue Monday provides us with a day to talk about the seasonal blues people experience throughout the Winter months. Mental health is an important part of wellbeing, and more important than ever in these unconventional times. Here is how the FAULHABER team beats the Monday blues:


1. Get some fresh air

No matter the weather making sure to get some fresh air is one of the best things you can do to get rid of those winter blues. Getting fresh air not only reduces stress and depression, but it also increases your energy and improves your quality of sleep. Try and make a point to bundle up and go outside for a walk, or even chill on your balcony/patio. You’ll be surprised how quickly it can clear your head and make you feel better! 

Amanda Mallat, Account Coordinator 


Especially being from a tropical country, my tip is enjoying what winter has to offer. My favourite activities are ice skating and sliding down the hills! Oh, I also take Vitamin D every day.  

Andressa Souza, PR Trainee 


2. Play a game that stimulates your brain  

Once you’ve watched everything possible on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + etc., don’t spend your spare time staring at another screen. Kick back with your quarantine buddy (a parent, partner, roommate or pal) and play a game! Not just any game, think games that encourage you to use your mind for something other than work, like Scrabble or Scategories. 

A personal favourite is We’re Not Really Strangers. It’s a deep conversation-starter card game that challenges you to get to know your counterpart more deeply. Think you know everything there is to know about your best friend or spouse? Think again! It’s a great way to connect on a deeper level and open up – which is good for the soul. 

Kayla Matos, Senior Account Manager 


3. Dress up for no reason 

My top tip for beating Winter blues is to put on some self-tanner and pretend I’ve been somewhere hot and fabulous. I find that (especially now we’re all at home 24/7) it’s important to get up and make an effort – a self-care skin routine with all my Fresh Beauty favourites, some Bondi Sands self-tanner and a swipe of Charlotte Tilbury lippie & my day is not so blue! 


Megan Taylor, Beauty Director 


 4. Give yourself a break  

After this past year (aka a rollercoaster of emotions), I am more aware that it’s impossible to feel 100% amazing every day. I definitely have down days, and when they happen I try to just let myself feel whatever I’m feeling -rather than fighting it- until it passes. I also try to take time away from my phone and screens after work – unless it is for a real connection like facetiming with a friend. 

Melanie Dudek, Digital Director 


“Something I’ve started this year is setting reminders to get up and take a break. I have a Google Home on my desk that at set times will remind me to get up and stretch, when it’s time for lunch, and when the workday is about to end. It helps keep me productive throughout the day and decrease the chances of burning out!” 

Laik Sweeney, Digital Trainee 


5. Practice daily gratitude  


I’m tackling the January blahs with a 30-day Blissology challenge which includes daily yoga, meditation, food and nature awareness and gratitude commitments. But my best advice to beat the January blahs is to focus on gratitude. There are plenty of studies that show the positive mental health benefits and links to overall happiness that are achieved by practicing gratitude from reduced stress, to better sleep to stronger connections with your colleagues, friends and family. Every night before bed try writing down or even just saying three things you are grateful for. 

Lexi Pathak, Vice President & Partner 


6. Get some excercise 

Exercise has always been my go-to when I need a pick me up. Whether it is a spin class with some great music to let loose or a slow-paced yoga class at the end of a long day, I always try to get some activity daily. 

Sydney Mayer, Senior Strategist, Digital & Social Media 


7. Get organizing 

I find it near impossible to focus and relax in an unorganized space. When I am having a particularly off day, one of the ways I get through it is by listening to music and tidying up around me. I have deep cleaned and purged every closet and drawer this year (at least once!). It leaves me feeling grateful for everything I own, and accomplished for being so productive, both of which help take my mind off of whatever is bugging me down. 

Natalie Brennan, Content & Community Manager 


“One of the best – and most productive – things to do when you’re stressed out and stuck inside is to clean! Once in a while, I love taking a dive into my closet to see what can be donated, in addition to a deep clean of my entire room. Although it takes forever, it feels so good when it’s all done!”  

Peri Martin, Account Coordinator  


8. Experiment in the kitchen 

I love to cook and explore new recipes, however, nothing is more comforting than a cozy meal from childhood. Message your parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles, and get that recipe that brings back a wave of memories and joy- we all have one!   

Lindsay Craven, Senior Account Executive 


Cooking and baking with the kids has become the norm. Daily doughnuts, experimental quiche and meals by Hello Fresh have filled the time and perfected my 11 year old’s kitchen techniques. We’ve also been fermenting everything from kale to cabbage kimchi, making homemade kombucha (black apricot tea with lemon is a winner) and dehydrated everything. 

Christine Faulhaber, President & CEO