How Influencers Can Pitch Brands And PR Agencies

Influencer marketing is a central component to many brands’ strategies these days, but with so many influencers out there, it can be hard to stand out to brands you want to work with.

Here are some tips on how influencers should pitch brands and PR agencies for collaborations:

1. Research the brand you’d like to reach out to.

Before reaching out to a brand you love, make sure it’s the right fit. Think about whether the content you post would be appropriate and beneficial for them. If you’re reaching out to a home décor brand, but post primarily beauty and makeup content, you’re likely not the right fit – no matter how much you like the brand.

2. Customize your pitch

On the daily, we receive countless blanket pitches from influencers (and their managers!) that are solely sharing their rate card and saying they are open to “collaborations”. We are much more likely to delete an email like that, than one where someone has taken the time to call out specific brands they like to collaborate with and what type of content they want to produce.

We are also way more likely to propose a partnership to our clients with an influencer with a smaller following but who spent the time to customize a pitch or proposal for the brand, than one with a bigger following who wasn’t clear on how they want to collaborate.

You also wouldn’t believe the number of times we receive emails with the wrong agency or brand names in them – yikes!

3. Build a relationship

When we are working on a specific campaign for a client, we will likely reach out to influencers we already have a great relationship with because we’ve built trust with them and know they will deliver the great results for our clients. At FAULHABER we are huge fans of in-person meetings in our FSHOPPE, it’s a great way to build a relationship and chat about more opportunities to work together.