How Pinterest Is Changing The Brand Marketing Game

It is no surprise that after the exposure of news we see online, on our televisions, and even outside our doors, inspiration is more urgent than ever before.

With an endless amount of information and ideas at our fingertips, society often seeks that sought-after inspiration through an online means. More times than none, this search for inspiration online is clouded by the negativity that is promoted across most of the applications in our social media rotation.

Except for Pinterest

Providing users with a dashboard of never-ending visual content, Pinterest aims to host a culture of creativity instead of comparison. It serves as an outlet that users can turn to when looking to be creatively inspired rather than socially drained.

With its loyal base of users and its growing popularity amongst the aesthetic-obsessed zeitgeist, Pinterest is the next frontier for brand marketing.

Feeling Inspired

Not only do inspirational environments spark ideas for people, but they also influence them to make decisions. With Pinterest ranking number one in inspiration among all other channels (magazines, television shows, other online giants, and more), there is a huge opportunity for brands to utilize the site to market their products. When people feel inspired, they are propelled to act on that inspiration. This is where your brand comes in. With a business presence on Pinterest, you can advertise your products with seamless integration into users’ dashboards. As they visually chase inspired ideas, your products will serve as a tangible connection of how they can harness them.

Values-Based Shopping

Pinterest users are not only looking for inspiration but also how they can attain that inspired idea physically. An inspiring and enjoyable visual environment leads to more purchases, and according to Dynata, users on Pinterest check out more items than other shoppers, have 85% larger baskets, and their total order value is higher than other online competitors.

The average Pinterest user is open to learning about new brands and are more loyal to the brands they discover and love. Business accounts on Pinterest can utilize the brand new Shop tab on their profile to curate shopping guides and feature shoppable creator content that is shared with users. This feature makes it easy for users to come across your products based on the ideas they are searching for, leading to sales conversions.

Merchant Details is another brand new Pinterest feature, allowing businesses to connect with consumers who engage in values-based shopping. Using this feature, brands can now include core values right on their profile, showcasing to users what is important to their brand and what they can offer users who are aligned. If you are a sustainable or inclusive business, you can make it known at the top of your profile so that users who share those same values can identify with your brand.

Lastly, Checkout on Pinterest is yet another new feature that benefits businesses, currently in beta. With this update, users will have the ability to purchase products directly within the Pinterest app. By purchasing a product without having to leave Pinterest, this new feature will minimize any dropoff as users can place their order the moment they see it – a win for everyone!

Creators that Care

When strategizing and executing influencer campaigns as a brand marketing tactic, most businesses go the Instagram, or more recently, the Tik Tok route. There is no doubt that these two outlets can yield highly successful results through influencer collaborations; however, Pinterest is the place to find creators that are specifically relevant and safe for your brand.

When joining Pinterest, creators sign the Creator Code, holding themselves to a higher standard and actively wanting to be part of a positive and inspiring community. The inspiration that users find on Pinterest translates to more meaningful results as creators aren’t wasting anyone’s time with clickbait. On Pinterest, it is not about the likes – it is about connecting with a community on a deeper level. Creators drive audiences to action and to try something new, not just ‘like’ their content.

Brand and creator collaborations have never been easier. When creators tag a brand in their Idea Pin, and the brand approves of the tag, it automatically is shared with the creator’s audience. If a brand then chooses for everyone on Pinterest to see it too, they can promote it as an Idea Ad with paid partnership, increasing overall awareness and engagement.

The Next Big Thing

Pinterest trends start earlier than trends on other platforms, growing faster and lasting longer – allowing the brands that take ownership of those trends to have a larger impact. Each year, Pinterest predicts the future as they release their Pinterest Predicts report, detailing the trends they believe will be the next big thing, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve.

In 2021, eight out of ten of Pinterest’s trends predictions came true.

From Dopamine Dressing (fashion that makes you feel good) and The Last Resort (all in for all-inclusive travel) to Altbashes (parties for life’s undercelebrated moments) and Curve Appeal (curved home décor), get ahead of the competition and take advantage of Pinterest’s 2022 predictions.

The next time you are thinking about how to elevate your brand marketing, consider tapping into the unsaturated, futuristic, and inspirational world of Pinterest.

Want to learn more about the trends Pinterest predicts will be everywhere in 2022? Check out their full report here.

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