How To Nail Your (PR) Interview

The world in 2019 is a tough place. Every industry is competitive. Companies want more from employees for less and yet, while these facts are known, not enough people come prepared to fully nail an interview.

To truly wow a future PR agency employer, I suggest the following.

  1. Do your homework. Look at the website, every social media channel and do a news search. Don’t be lazy with this.
  2. Show your authentic self. Even if you’re a bit quirky.
  3. Focus on the value you will add to the business with examples.
  4. Be polished, and take the opportunity to showcase your personal style.
  5. Say thank you within 24 hours. By email, OR, even better, leave a handwritten card with reception on your way out. Lastly, if after an interview you don’t think the job is a fit, tell the person who took the time to meet with you.

Finally, it’s always a positive to highlight other relevant skills and relationships. Maybe you speak a number of languages, are a coding wizard or have business you can bring to the agency. Always take the time to deliver your total value proposition. You won’t regret it.