How to Navigate to the World of Social Media During Human Rights Crises

The challenges we have all endured during the pandemic have been immense on a variety of different levels for everyone.  The last year is likely one of the toughest periods we have ever endured.  Brands and companies are now facing difficult decisions when it comes to navigating human rights crises and social justice issues on social media. 

As hot topics come further and further to the forefront, we have seen brands, organizations and people rise and fall, based on how they choose to respond on their digital channels.  So what do you do when things feel so tense and you don’t want to make a wrong move or take the wrong step? 

Here are important things to think about when it comes to using your social media voice and how.

Listen and Learn

Be strategic and listen.  Social media is about building engaged online communities – you do this by taking a moment to listen and learn.  What are people saying?  What do people want to hear from you?  Make sure you’re doing the work and making a genuine effort to understand the topics you’re speaking about, otherwise your actions will come off as performative.

Read the Room

The old adage of “reading the room” extends to your online presence.  Even though what is going on in the world may not seem as though it affects your business directly, not listening to your community may cause a loss of trust.  We all have a responsibility to stay current and with the times.  

Build and Maintain Trust

Your community is following you for a reason – because they connect with you on a meaningful level that resonates emotionally.  By building and maintaining trust, you are growing your credibility.  

Be Authentic and Transparent

So what do you say when they are challenging social justice issues being discussed all over social media?  The core values of social media have always revolved around authenticity and being genuine.  Only say what you mean, otherwise, you’ll come off disingenuous.  Be transparent.  Try to make impactful changes where you can.

Assess and Evaluate

It’s not easy to address issues that challenge each of us on a human level – assess and evaluate what our values are as an organization.  Social media should be an accurate reflection and extension of what your brand stands for.

The world is shifting – people are learning more, asking more questions, and becoming more self-aware.  As brands and organizations, we must also follow suit as leaders in our community by being thoughtful and mindful in our social media presence.