How To Set Yourself Apart In PR

Landing your first PR job is not an easy task. From tailoring your application for each job to impressing a future employer in the interview, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources on how to land your first job and how you can turn your internship into a full-time job. But what happens after you’ve nailed the interview and accepted your job offer? Here are some tips on how you can stand out once you’re in PR.

1. Find your superpower  

Everyone has a professional superpower, and it’s your job to find it if you haven’t already! This could be anything from soft skills like being optimistic to hard skills like social media savviness. This superpower will help you rise in your workplace and guide you into the future. By working at a PR agency, you will have many opportunities to do an assortment of work where you can find what you enjoy and what your superpower is.

2. Find your work best friend   

Get involved in your office community. While it might take longer in the online format, you can participate in team lunches and activities and talk to your coworkers often. Finding your work best friend is beneficial to your job performance and your overall wellbeing. You can read more about how your work best friend will make you love your job and be a better employee here 

3. Overcommunicate  

Ask questions! The virtual world has made the onboarding process new and harder for everyone involved. By asking questions, you’ll feel more confident in your new role and potentially help other new members from having to ask the same questions. Employers know that this is your first job and would rather have you ask questions than make easily avoided mistakes. Everyone has had a first job with a steep learning curve. You should never feel bad for having to clarify or ask for further explanation. Overcommunicating will show that you care and are interested in the new work you’ll be doing as well!  

4. Follow Your Guiding Principles  

While guiding principles will look different for everyone, there are key values everyone should have (and follow), like making time for yourself. Your values and goals will guide you into the future and can make your life better every day. Guiding principles can also align with major goals you wish to accomplish. These principles can be as simple as allowing yourself to experience failure to making sure you’re passionate about what you do. Our CEO, founder and mentor, Christine Faulhaber, shares her 15 guiding principles in this article.