How To Successfully Develop An Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign

The importance of digital marketing has been a topic of in-depth discussion over the last decade, and overall, marketers understand the importance of shifting away from siloed verticals towards more cohesive, multi-lensed approaches. Still, with COVID-19, the overload of digital stimulation, and the increase in social scrutiny; strategic, multi-pronged digital campaigns are not only a nice-to-have but a necessity for success.

The Creative Side: Consistent and Compelling.

Brand consistency across all platforms is crucial for brand success. In a digitally overloaded world, recognition is vital, and people are more likely to purchase from a company they are already connected to. You want to make sure your brand is recognized and trusted through consistent and compelling creative across all digital platforms. Whether the consumer is on your website or Instagram channel, consumers should be drawn in and recognize your brand instantly. When creating content for compelling branding, FAULHABER recommends creating a detailed strategy and design brief before production. When working with B.C. beverage brand, Lumette!, FSTOP Studios assisted in creating an entirely new look and feel for the company’s branding. Pre-production, a colourful visual storyboard was presented and walked through ensuring no matter who is involved in the production process – photographers, stylists, etc – the content alligned with the brand’s new creative pillars. With a strategic shift in branding, Lumette! created a cohesive look and feel across all major platforms, including website, organic content and paid content.


The Brand Storytelling Side: Why Influencer Marketing is a Must.

We all know influencer marketing has been on the rise, with the industry targeted to reach 9.2B within 2020. Influencer Marketing can break traditional ad noise and convey more in-depth, meaningful brand messaging when strategically launched. Make sure you understand your marketing objective, and remember, impressions don’t always equate to success. With increased scrutiny of marketing tactics, a mix of micro and macro influencers, as used in the launch of Lumette! London Dry is a strategic way to reach new audiences while still building deeper brand trust with consumers.



The Conversion Side: Social Ads Aren’t Going Anywhere.

The rise of performance marketing sky-rocketed in 2019. Although social platforms have seen a shakeup in 2020, the value of social advertising is still an essential factor in digital campaigns. With e-commerce taking on a new evolution of social commerce, the ability to create a seamless shopping experience with social ads gives businesses more opportunities to offer their product/service in a digital-first world. Ensure alignment of key objectives, such as awareness, consideration, or conversion, to optimize your campaign properly. It is also critical that advertisements are of high quality and relevant to your product or service. Creating high-quality ads increases the likelihood your ad will appear in front of your target audience.



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