International Women’s Day: How To Support Women Worldwide

On March 8th, women across the globe came together for International Women’s Day. IWD is a global day to celebrate women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements. And although having a day dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements is necessary, it is important to continually dedicate efforts throughout the year. At FAULHABER, we make it our mission to provide continued support for female empowerment within our local network and from a global standpoint. Here are three tips on how to support women worldwide.

Research Current Barriers

Before you can make a difference, you need to research and understand the current barriers females face. For this years theme, Chose To Challenge, the FAULHABER team pledged individual ways to challenge gender biases. Sydney Mayer shared her thoughts on increasing her global awareness.

“Being aware of world events is such a critical component of understanding what gaps females face across the globe. On top of general education on gender barriers, I will continue to educate myself of worldly events directly impacting gender equality”.

Kiva, an international crowdfunding organization, indicates that women were only paid 54 cents for every dollar men earned in 2019. They also shared that women only own 30% of small businesses around the world.

Align With Your Passions

A great way to continue the momentum is to align your initiatives with personal passions. Is beauty something you love? Research international beauty brands that are taking a stand and find ways to support those brands. At FAULHABER, entrepreneurship is a core value and being female-founded, we always strive to align our initiatives to empower female entrepreneurs, which leads to our last tip.

Donate To International Organizations

After you’ve done all your research and aligned your personal passions, find organizations helping the issues at hand. FAULHABER, on a quarterly-basis, donates to Kiva, an international nonprofit organization with a mission to expand financial access to underserved communities. We focus on female entrepreneurs worldwide and their access to funds for their small businesses. This year, Kiva matched all donations on IWD 2021, making our impact that much more significant.