How To Think Like A Futurist

In a world that is drastically changing with digital innovations continuing to disrupt all aspects of our lives, the ability to envision the future is becoming more and more important. Whether you are coming up with a new business opportunity, developing new products, ideating new ways to build community, or thinking about the future of PR and marketing, focusing on what the future might look like allows you to anticipate and prepare for the next big thing. Think of it this way, Futurist thinkers can imagine what the view at the top of the mountain might look like and inspire a team to create an action plan to get there.

At FAULHABER we are a CliftonStrength’s organization meaning we focus on our teams’ unique strengths to unlock their potential and drive performance. Futuristic is one of the 34 strengths, located in the Strategic Domain. According to CliftonStrenghts: “People exceptionally talented in the Futuristic theme are inspired by the future and what could be. They energize others with visions of the future.” 

Twenty-five per cent of the FAULHABER team have Futuristic in their top five strengths. We asked them to share their tips on how to think like a futurist and unlock the possibilities of tomorrow.

Create a space and a time where you let your imagination run wild.

Whether it is taking one day out of the month to unplug and devote to free thinking or disconnecting and sitting in nature, finding the space and time to let your mind  wander is critical to unleashing future thinking.  Ask yourself questions like “What would happen if…”and let your mind go. Be sure to create an environment free of interruptions. Allow yourself the freedom to envision future circumstances and explore whatever comes to your mind.  The more time you spend thinking about the future, the clearer your vision of it will be.

Be ahead of the curve. 

Tap into futuristic thinking by always being on the look out for the next big thing: if it was already reported, you’re too late! Hints of what lays ahead for the future of PR and marketing are all around us. In the content we consume on social media to the trends we see in real life. Being a futurist means not just waiting for a report to come out telling you that something is gaining popularity but having a pulse on the next big thing before anyone knows it.

Talk about the future with others. 

Host an innovation lab and gather your team together with one sole purpose: To ideate and imagine what the future may be. Brainstorm what the future might look like and what aspects of the future are an opportunity for your company. As a group you can popcorn ideas and build upon each other’s thinking to amplify your creativity. Once you have aligned on a end goal, visualize the steps and possible barriers to getting there. Write it all down and then #makeithappen. 

Fuel your imagination.

When something sparks your imagination, dig in. Does the possibility of artificial intelligence for good inspire you? Relentlessly research it. Find articles, images, experts, podcasts and absorb as much as you can on the topic.  Feed your futuristic mind and ignite your imagination by signing up to newsletters on topics like technology, science and research.

We hope you found these tips useful for flexing your futuristic thinking muscles. Looking to expand the future possibilities of your brand? Reach out to Faulhaber’s team of futurists for help.