How To Turn Your Internship Into A Full-Time Job

Internships are great ways to not only boost your resume but they also give you hands-on experience to determine the right next step for your career. If you’re lucky enough to nail your dream internship and want to turn it into a full-time position then here are a few steps on how to achieve that goal.

Step Out Of  Your Comfort Zone

For many, internships are their first experience in a professional career and it can be easy to remain reserved and in the background.  Stepping out of your comfort zone will set you apart, so don’t be afraid to contribute and offer up ideas. In doing so, you’re not only going to meet expectations, you’ll exceed them. The hard work will get you noticed and prove you have what it takes to grow further in the company.

Take Initiative

Be willing to take initiative while at work. Don’t always wait for something to be assigned to you and jump in on any tasks that could use the extra hand. And if you’re unsure, don’t assume, ASK. Consistently asking your team what you can help them with will show-off how driven you are and how quickly and efficiently you are getting each job done. In the same instance, if a mistake is made, which can be inevitable, take that opportunity to make sure you’re asking the necessary questions to learn and grow from the situation.

Showcase Your Unique And Authentic Self

Always take time to deliver your true self and highlight all your strengths. Whether you speak a second language or are excellent at coding, you never know when it will be a necessary asset.

Open The Conversation

         If you see a future within the company you’re interning for, make sure your employer is aware of your interest. Start the conversation during your internship and continue the communication throughout. Don’t be afraid of expressing interest and make sure you’re heard!

We have been running a successful trainee program for many years, and it has become such a vital part of how we do things here at FAULHABER. We introduce them to the world of public relations and marketing. We expose them to many different industries, from cannabis to design, and encourage them to use their time with us to practice writing, compose real pitches for real clients, and to dip their toes in the world of digital.

If you are interested in a Trainee role at Faulhaber Communications, we’d love to hear from you! To see what internship opportunities we are currently hiring for, head to the Careers page on our website to learn more and apply!


Aitana Quinteros