How to Win in the Workplace

At FAULHABER we have an extensive digital offering, which means we spend a lot of time building and growing our expertise across platforms to better customize our client solutions. At this year’s Social Media Week, we joined Canada’s digital marketing elite to talk 2018 trends, social media and how to move the needle when it comes to your business. With speakers from Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft to name a few, the best of the best came together for the ultimate four-day, all-immersive experience. What’s next for the digital sphere? What channels should your brand be on, or not be on? How do you track influencer success? We’ve broken down our top takeaways into a three-part series. To start, here’s everything you need to know to maximize productivity in the workplace.

How to Win in the Work place

Process and collaboration are essential to building your business but as the workforce changes outside the 9-5 realm, so does a slew of other things. Take collaboration for instance. According to Joe Teo, CEO at HeyOrca, only 3-5% of employees will add value to a collaborative discussion. Next time you’re planning an internal brainstorm, consider which team members would add the most value to this topic and keep the meeting small. Research shows you’ll have a better outcome and a more productive meeting.

Microsoft’s Jordan Sheridan reiterates that teamwork is the key to success but as the office environment and workforce begins to change, it’s important to remember that the way people work is also changing. Sheridan states that environments that foster the workstyles that today’s workers want will prosper.

When it comes to process, Teo recommends giving implementation three tries. The first time people will be averse to change and it will not be executed properly. The second try will reveal any flaws and the third time it should be seamless.

For more tips and takeaways, read Part II: The Evolution of the Influencer and Part III: The Top Social Media Trends to Know in 2018.