How Your Business Could Benefit from Live Chat and Customer Reviews

Tools such as live chat and customer reviews are reinventing the relationship between brands, retailers, and consumers and re-shaping the shopping landscape. They offer information at the moment the customer wants it. As a business, perhaps it’s time to consider adding reviews and live chat as part of your business strategy. 

Take a look at the facts.

If you are considering adopting web chat or customer reviews on your site, look at the numbers.

  • Live Chat – Research shows that:
    • Customers are 3x more likely to purchase after a proactive chat
    • Customers are 55% more likely to abandon cart if unable to answer questions quickly
    • 29% increase in average order value with customers who chat
    • 10% increase in website conversion with customers who chat
  • Customer Reviews – Research shows that:
    • Having at least 50 reviews results in a 30% uptick in sales
    • Having at least 8 reviews helps with SEO rankings

The key takeaway from this data is clear – being able to address customer questions or concerns proactively, with a web chat or customer review, is a highly effective way to increase your conversion rates and address issues with cart abandonment. Research also shows that customers almost exclusively prefer live chat as a method of communication when online shopping compared to other service channels such as phone or email.


Increase your customer metrics with Live Chat.

Another added benefit of installing live chat software on your site is the additional data that will be accessible. Live chat can assist in reviewing customer service quality, gauge your customers level of satisfaction with your site, and gather information that could help you improve your products and offerings.


Consider Chatbots.

The adoption of chatbots – AI-based natural language software that can respond to customers – is rapidly growing. Chatbot use is expected to jump by 1000% by 2020.


Have you considered adopting live chat into your digital strategy? If you’re looking to invest in live chat or implement customer reviews on your website and you’re looking for guidance along the way, contact us here.


Reference: Isabella Steele’s article, ‘8 Ways that Live Chat is Boosting eCommerce Sales (And What You Can Do to Get in On It)’