International Women’s Day: How To Support Female Entrepreneurs

Faulhaber Communications is rooted in strong female entrepreneurship. That, partnered with the fact we are an all-female team, is why we take International Women’s Month so seriously. Last week we uploaded a blog about how to support your female peers to celebrate just that. This week, inspired by the many brands we represent who also stem from incredible female leadership from Jaimee Lupton of Monday Haircare to Charlotte Tilbury of Charlotte Tilbury, we are taking it even further with advice on how to support female entrepreneurs. The summary here is that we like nothing more than to support female leadership and help women-owned businesses shine. Here are four ways you can support female entrepreneurs this month (and beyond). 

1. Donate 

Now we don’t necessarily mean donating money, you can also donate your time or expertise. Lending extra hands to pack orders during a busy season or playing tech support on a virtual event are incredible ways to show support. If you’re an experienced photographer, graphic designer or financial expert, volunteer your skills to help their business get started. If you’ve been there before, offer your mentorship. Starting a business is a huge undertaking and entrepreneurs need all the assistance and support they can get. 

At the beginning of last year, Faulhaber Communications started FConsults, offering free consulting with our senior team to help organizations that were hit hard due to COVID-19 by offering pr and marketing support.

2. Shop and Promote 

Buying their products and services is always the best way to support a business, and the next is promoting it. You don’t have to be an influencer to be a brand ambassador and promotion on social media is crucial to business growth. Sharing, reposting, saving, liking and commenting on social posts help boost engagement and growth. Promoting it can also be as simple as picking up the phone and telling a friend about it; authentic word of mouth marketing remains such a crucial part to a company’s success. 

3. Be a Friend 

This one may seem simple, but it’s so important. Studies show that female entrepreneurs are more likely to start a business and see it through when they have a friend supporting them along the way. While spending more time with other motivated and successful individuals can make females better entrepreneurs, it’s been proven that having any support positively affects female business goals, decisions and outcomes.  

 Shine Theory, coined by Ann Friedman, describes this theory that being friends with more successful women also makes you better. Having successful friends ultimately will shine a light on your work too and collaboration is always better than competition.  

4. Leave Reviews 

Social media platforms aren’t the only place businesses need love on the internet. Go to Google, Yelp, Facebook (or leave seller reviews on Amazon/Etsy if applicable) and leave a positive review telling others why their business is so great! (The more detailed, the better.)