Introducing FSTOP Studios

Today there is no successful brand that doesn’t have a strategic content plan in play. With this in mind, we are thrilled to announce the launch of FSTOP Studios, Faulhaber Communication’s very own production studio that develops best-in-class content from video, to photography, to animated GIFs.

FSTOP Studios will leverage in-house talent and external partners to provide full-service content development, including strategy, campaign development, creative direction, production management, location scouting, model sourcing, styling, graphic design, photography, and videography.

The reality is, what lifestyle brand can exist today without a beautiful Instagram page, video, and a few influencer campaigns? And the concept of content marketing isn’t going anywhere, because it’s the new normal from the customer side. Customers appreciate creative and curated content, as well as it breeds brand loyalty and has a higher conversion rate.

But content on its own, no matter how good, will not succeed. At FAULHABER, not only do we develop killer content with FSTOP Studios, but we also optimize through a paid and earned strategy to ensure impact. We have managed social media and content creation for many of our clients for years. With the launch of FSTOP Studios, we can upgrade the quality and diversity of content options at competitive pricing, while providing our clients with a one-agency solution.

To learn more about FSTOP, watch below!