Jet Set, Go Green: Navigating 2024 Sustainable Travel Trends

It is undeniable that travellers are seeking more sustainable ways to experience new destinations as they travel the world. However, with the rise of inflation and economic pressures, many are conflicted between travelling on a budget and paying huge amounts to make more sustainable choices. Recent survey results indicate that travellers are paying closer attention to the value of travel experiences, from regenerative tourism practices to finding more meaningful ways to spend their money. Outlined below are a few sustainable travel trends of 2024 that we can’t stop talking about.

Is the Price Right?

While 76% say they want to travel more sustainably over the coming 12 months, 49% believe that sustainable travel options are too expensive and only 43% would be willing to pay more for these travel options. This data offers incredible insight to industry providers: does the biggest opportunity lie in not passing on the costs of making the environmentally conscious choice onto the end consumer? All prices staying the same, more people would be more inclined to make the sustainable choice.

Local Love

One of the pillars of responsible tourism is supporting local communities. More than ever, travellers are intentionally seeking out authentic experiences that directly benefit the people who call the destination home. This includes visiting local markets, dining at family-owned restaurants, and purchasing souvenirs crafted by local artisans. One of my favourite cities to explore in this way is Los Angeles – the city is a collection of the most diverse and vibrant neighbourhoods, each one of them championing local legends in every aspect. By putting your money back into communities, you’re not only supporting livelihoods but also preserving cultural heritage for generations to come.

Rise of Regenerative Tourism

Regenerative travel takes sustainability a step further by focusing on leaving a positive impact on the destinations visited. In 2024, travellers increasingly seek experiences that contribute to the local economy, culture, and environment. This trend encourages immersive interactions with communities, and participation in conservation efforts. At the very top of my travel bucket list is Australia. Whether it’s exploring the ancient rock formations of Uluru in Australia’s Red Centre or being mesmerized by marine life at the world’s largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef, Australia offers unmatched regenerative travel experiences nurturing the places and communities travellers are fortunate enough to visit. 

Sustainable Selections

When it comes to accommodations, not all hotels are created equal. Look for sustainable hotels and eco-lodges that have implemented green practices such as energy efficiency, waste reduction, and water conservation. Many sustainable hotels also support local communities through employment opportunities and conservation projects. By choosing these accommodations, you can rest easy knowing your stay is contributing to positive change. A personal favourite is 1 Hotels renowned champion of sustainability at each of its properties across the globe.       

Educational & Experiential

Travel is not just about sightseeing – it’s also about learning and connecting with the world around us. Seek out educational experiences that deepen your understanding of local cultures, traditions, and ecosystems. Whether it’s volunteering with a conservation organization, participating in a cooking class with local chefs, or embarking on a guided eco-tour, there are countless ways to immerse yourself in the destinations you visit while supporting sustainable tourism initiatives.

In conclusion, sustainable travel is not just a trend – it’s a mindset shift towards responsible tourism practices that prioritize the planet and its people. By embracing eco-friendly tourism, supporting local communities, choosing sustainable accommodations, seeking educational experiences, and partnering with sustainable travel agencies, we can hope to add more that we take away from the destinations we visit, with memories to last a lifetime!

Keen to travel more sustainably this year? Tell us where you are travelling to and which of the sustainable travel practices you will adopt.