MEET: EVA REDPATH, Co-Active Life Coach and Host Of The Collective


Much more than just your trainer, Eva Redpath is considered a leader in all things fitness, wellness and lifestyle. Her love of movement has provided the foundation for every step she takes. Often featured on the pages of best-selling magazines and online, Eva is an award-winning presenter, regularly sought-after by media worldwide for her dynamic presence both on and off camera.

Recognized as Canada’s first Nike Master Trainer, Eva has travelled worldwide teaching her community. In 2018, Eva was named a founding trainer for Barry’s Bootcamp Canada at their flagship Toronto location. She believes that training is not just for the body, but also the mind. Most recently, Eva has committed to empowering her clients to evoke transformation, achieving balance and fulfillment through her work as a Co-Active® life coach.

Eva has pivoted her business in the current climate, launching The Collective by Eva Redpath. Launched April 4th in an effort to be in service and create community, The Collective is a sacred space for women to connect, grow and celebrate. With guest speakers, giveaways and more, the online community meets Saturdays from 8:00-9:00pm for FREE on Zoom.



Optimizing your health in a time like this looks different for everyone. Here are Eva’s tips for upgrading your behaviours through thought, action and habits via her four pillars of health.

Note: when she’s coaching her clients, they look at one of these principals at a time. Trying to change too much too soon is where willpower will lose over habit!



Mindset is about leveraging the power of your thoughts to best serve you. Thoughts can greatly influence your reality.  Whether you have a daily meditation, visualization, or take a moment to be mindful to and breathe!

Takeaway: Try the Square Breath exercise to help get into a clam and powerful mindset: 4 count inhale, 4 count hold, 4 counts exhale, 4 count hold.



Whenever we move our bodies, we can shift our state. If you are feeling frazzled, frenetic, stressed, agitated etc., just move your body for a few minutes and it will automatically shift your state.

Takeaway: Everyday, try to either walk, play or dance. It’s going to shift the state of your nervous system (which is a good thing!) if you are feeling frazzled. Who doesn’t love the idea of a daily dance party?



Think of Food as FUEL! Balanced nutrition can greatly support your energy, management of stress, your emotions and have a positive impact on immunity. One silver lining is that since we are all making less trips to the grocery store, there is a lot more home cooking, meal planning and preparation.

Takeaway: Make a list, set a budget and limit your unhealthier purchases. That being said: Eva’s all for the 80/20 rule and so of course indulge in moderation! For Eva, she will indulge in take-out once a week and at the same time support a local restaurant.



Sleep! Many of the body’s physical and mental processes are repaired and refreshed as we sleep at night. Quality of sleep is very important. Exposure to blue light before you go to bed affects the circadian clock (“internal clock”), can affect your sleep cycle (sleepiness and alertness) and your production of melatonin. Screen time can provoke your body into an alert state of mind.

Takeaway: Screen time 30 min before bed, is a NO from Eva!


In a time like this Eva encourages “small wins”. Stay physically and mentally healthy and sticking to a routine as much as you can. This is a journey – don’t judge it! Instead, be patient with yourself and know that this will come is waves and that doing your best is succeeding.

The Collective meets every Saturday from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m., for free, on Zoom. To join the group, or to book a complimentary 30-minute coaching session, you can email her at and mention this blog post. You can also find her on Instagram, @EvaRedpath, and her website,