My Best Advice: Influencer Marketing

Whether you’re starting your career or have been in the industry for over a decade like I have, the world of influencers is constantly evolving and there is always something to learn. Over the years, here are the top tips I have learned to make the most out of influencer partnerships.

Longer partnerships are more authentic

One and done rarely works, yet I still see so many brands activating this way. Consumers are SMART. They can easily figure out if someone they follow really LOVES a brand or is doing a one off advertisement. It’s important for creators to maintain their authenticity by finding ways to weave a brand throughout their content, and also for brands to realize the ROI behind longer, more authentic partnerships.

Let creators create!

I cannot shout this from the rooftop any louder! Content that is heavily scripted and not natural does not perform well. Full stop. The best performing content results from giving a partner the product, one or two max ket messages, and then carte blanche creativity (of course within any legal parameters). Audiences can see right through heavily branded content and it performs lower.

Don’t discount the power of micro

Value doesn’t only lie in follower count. We have seen micro-influencers outperform others in countless campaigns. Micro-influencers also have a more niche following, which is ideal when a brand is focused on a specific location or demographic. Micro-influencers can often also offer higher quality content because they’re trying to grow, have higher engagement and as a result – more authenticity!

Contra as payment only works if it’s high value

I don’t think any more needs to be said on that – unless you’re offering exclusive access, an incredible trip or a high-value product, do not expect an influencer to partner with you for free for a $10 product.

Package when possible

Rates go up seasonally and as creators grow. Lock in rates for campaigns early if you have something in the pipeline, and bundle as much as possible. If you know you have a few campaigns you want to collaborate on in the year, lock it in upfront. This isn’t only smart from a cost perspective, but creators will appreciate the partnership’s longevity and are more likely to commit to long-term relationships.

Be transparent

We’re all just humans! Watch the PR speak when communicating with partners. No one wants to feel like a copy paste. Be honest if you’re working with a limited budget, be honest with your content feedback and don’t beat around the bush and be clear with expectations. The more transparency you have, the more seamless your partnerships will be and the happier all parties will be in the end!

Ask for recommendations

Use your influencer connections! If you have a partner you love, ask if they have anyone else in their network they think would be a good fit. Get IN on these groups!

I’ll be rolling out more influencer marketing insights over the next month on the blog, so keep an eye out! If you have any burning questions on the industry you want answered, slide into my DMs at @kodakcapturer and I will try to answer them in an upcoming blog post!