Q+A: Content During Covid With Torri Webster

We caught up with content creator Torri Webster to discuss how she’s handling all the changes 2020 has brought on including shifting her content strategy.

Q: What does a day in the life of Torri Webster look like in these ‘new times’?

A: I love to start my days with coffee and some movement! Whether that is a long walk or a jog, I always listen to my favorite podcast (Views, by David Dobrik). Since I have always worked from home, it was not too crazy to adjust, but not traveling or attending press/media events has been the biggest shift in my life. Now, everything is virtual, wherein a typical year, I would be on the road for upwards of 150 days a year! Beyond this, my days are normally filled with content creation, working with my clients on upcoming campaigns, and reading contracts (the not so fun part)!


Q: What’s been the biggest learning curve you’ve endured throughout this time?

A: The biggest learning curve was only having my condo as a backdrop for shooting. I think in the first few months of self-isolation, I shot every single corner of my condo! I am so used to traveling or living out of different cities and hotel rooms, so shifting my content to be entertaining from home was definitely challenging. My second biggest learning curve has been developing creative ways to shoot content with friends (at a distance). My podcast co-host (Jaclyn Forbes) and I had to find new ways to shoot the podcast, via Zoom for example. We still wanted to be putting out original content for our audience – even if we couldn’t film in the same location together.


Q: How has your work changed during this global pandemic?

A: The biggest shift, as I mentioned, has been the removal of travel and media events. Over the last 5 years, I have traveled all over the world with global brands. I had so many exciting trips planned for this summer, and of course, all of them have been put on hold. Travel is always a wonderful opportunity to shoot new spaces with creative new ways to tell new stories to my audience. In the past, I would also attend upwards of 5 – 8 events a week! Networking and learning from my clients and brands at their events was a huge portion of my job (bringing my audience behind the scenes as I went). While I love that brands are accommodating virtual events, there is nothing quite like an intimate brand dinner or experiential activity!


Q: Has the content you’ve been creating changed?

A: My content feels a lot more “vlog” style because it’s a constant peak at my life at home. Whether that’s in the wellness space, the fitness space, fashion, or the beauty space. I like to show my audience what I am up to. There was also a big shift to outdoor content (visuals like picnics or beach days). This summer, it was fun to explore Toronto in a new way and take advantage of all the diverse backdrops of the city. I never took the time to explore Toronto the way I have the last few months, so that’s been a fun way to shoot content while capturing the city in a new way!


Q: What’s one thing that’s remained constant during these changing times?

A: The support and engagement from my online community has been amazing! It’s been really awesome connecting with people every day virtually and feeling like I am apart of something. My love for storytelling has not gone away, it’s just shifted into a new way of telling those stories from home.


Q: Do you have any advice for other content creators trying to navigate this new normal?

A: My advice would be to follow up with previous brand partners and find new and unique ways to work together! As well, take risks, and diversify your content! Over the last few months, I have loved diving into TikTok and building a new audience on that platform. With this new normal, there are no rules for creativity, bring your mirrors outdoors, or shoot cool Reels for Instagram. Have fun playing with these new tools, and hopefully growing your audience while you’re at it!


Q: What’s one thing you’d like to remain when we come out the other side of the pandemic?

A: My self-care practices have been much more regimented at this time, and that’s something I would like to take with me on the other side of the pandemic. Whether that’s my daily movement, writing in my journal, or meditating. I have found a lot of peace and gratitude in my life through these practices during the last few months, and I would like those feelings to stick around well beyond the pandemic.


Q: What are some can’t live without products you’ve been re-upping on during quarantine?

A: I am obsessed with all things Fresh Beauty, whether that’s my daily use of the Soy Face Cleanser or one of their many epic face masks. I am also really into St Tropez self-tanner for getting the summer glow I have been missing. Finally, I am obsessed with the Too Faced Extreme Lip Injection Lip Gloss, it’s so perfect for hydrated plumped lips, and I can’t get enough.


Q: Have you fallen victim to the quarantine banana bread or tie-dye trends?

A: Yes! You bet. I made upwards of 10 banana breads (of course), sometimes vegan, sometimes made with extra chocolate! I think I have perfected a recipe at this point. As for Tie Dye, I bought so many matching sets. My friends even hand-dyed tie dye tracksuits for my birthday party back in August – it was amazing! I clearly love these trends.