TGIFaulhaber – The Elevated Movie Night

As we anxiously anticipate the day when we can book that reservation or go for an impromptu cocktail with a friend at the place we’ve all been waiting to try…why not make the absolute BEST of nights-in while they’re still socially acceptable and required (for many)? The easiest way to get excited about (another) night in, is to have a plan. While movie nights may seem painfully overdone at this point, creating a themed soiree surrounding a movie you and your quarantine companion(s) haven’t seen or hold close to the heart is a simple way to take the night up a couple notches. Movies are the gateway to iconic stories, people, worlds, and allow for momentary levels of escapism. Planning the elevated TGIFaulhaber movie night requires nothing more than the simple framework of these five  S’s: 

To See: 

For this week’s themed Friday movie night, let’s start off strong with the notorious film The GodfatherThe characters, the cast, the music, the wardrobe, the rustic Italian sceneryand of course the DRAMA! It’s almost sinful to say no to this pick for the ultimate movie night. Do a quick google search of “best iconic movies to watch” and you’ll find this one at the top of most lists.   

To Slip Into: 

The difference an outfit makes on mood is undeniable. Slipping into something different from day to night gives you a successful switch-up, especially for a night inThe Godfather may be rough and violent but channel your inner Apollonia Vitelli and Sofia Loren with a silky or luxe-lounge set – emphasis on the lounge. We may be dressing for the occasion but being silky and sleek doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort in our own homes. For the perfect at-home soiree look, see our favourite here. Pair it with a cute purse and strappy heels once you’re having a real night out on the town…  

To Savour: 

Revenge is a dish best served cold, but I think we can all agree we prefer something warm and tasty for dinner. What you choose to taste and savour for this Friday night is a key point in creating the elevated movie nightLet’s support local Toronto small businesses and keep the authentic Italian vibe going to pay homage to our movie of choice by ordering dinner from restaurants like Sugo, Tutti Matti, or Giulietta.  

Enjoy the simple pleasures of life with the American-Italian classics of Sugo. This no-nonsense restaurant is a strong Toronto-fav, with a heavenly tiramisu and price-points that are a friend to all. Transport to Italy with the specially curated Italian-imported ingredients, and delicious recipes at Tutti Matti. This local restaurant is sure to have you swooning over their prosciutto, pecorino, pasta, and other perfect options. For the posh spice in us all, try the upscale Italian option GiuliettaThey even have a “Date Night for Two” menu ready to go! It’s the elevated TV dinner we all love.  

Let’s not forget the most important part – vino pefavore! All the deliciously dreamy choices above are sure to come prepped with fabulous vino options to take you into the TGIF mood, but if you’re in the looking to support an other Toronto fav, let us introduce you to Grape Witches. Try this gorgeous natural wine store and their special selected stockGrape Witches offers curated packs of wine and even offer wine by the mood – perfect for setting the stage for your themed at-home soiree! My personal wine mood choice for The Godfather would either be textured or juicy. Textured because there are so many emotions, layers, and moments for interpretation. Juicy because, well, this movie is action-packed and filled with secrets, lies, romance, and major drama. Either way, let’s not forget the wine for pre, during, and post-movie joy.   

To Smoke

To Smoke

If wine’s not your jam and you’re looking for a zero-hangover, alcohol-free pleasure, try the extensive line of cannabis options from 48NorthFrom pre-rolls to all in one-vapes – 48North is also a friend for Friday relaxation. Getting high isn’t your vibe? Try Latitude’s infused Night Shift Ylang Ylang Chorcoal Bath Salts for a chill night in.  

To Smell: 

While you’re plating and pouring, light up your favourite candle to further set the ambiance you deserve. Candles will be the lasting sweetness to carry you through the vino, meal, and movie on happy note. Scent is a key to memories and places, so why not unlock the key to Italy with this cult-favourite candle from Fresh with notes of fresh lemon and red wine here 

These details are simple and easy, buy when they’re consciously planned and thoughtfully picked, it adds the extra layer of excitement for a Friday night in.  Let us know if you try our TGIFaulhaber elevated movie night by tagging us on social @faulhabercomm

For more ideas on stay busy and sane in yet another month of lockdown, check out with that FAULHABER team does here.